Autumn Falls Upon Us

Today is the first day of Fall / Autumn, a time for inner change and harvest. Think ~ colours-of-the-sunset harvest vegetables, abundant earthy goodness and sturdy flowers (sunflowers!!!). Where Summer is about spontaneity and letting loose, Autumn, for me, is a time to reflect and do some deep inner housekeeping. Routines start to take […]

A Frivolous Day of Shopping

A Day at the Market provided for a wonderful backdrop of colour and shopping. Organic foods were plentiful and reasonably priced. The seasonal flowers are far different that what we have in Canada. I love that tropical blooms abound everywhere. Bouquets of hanging Heliconia, Orchids and Birds of paradise filled my senses with desire. I’m […]



Desert jewels.



Simplistic but yet oh so beautiful!




Colours that make my heart grow beyond the realm of nature’s calling, drawing me like a butterfly to suckle on the sumptuous nectar called lovE.



Perpetuating growth of the masses, this tiger tulip fornicates with splendiferous colour.

abundant greenery

Yes, another wonderful freecycle discovery has enriched our lives and the air that we breath in our humble abode … I am now the proud Mum to 5 delicate African Violet plants (my Mother’s favourite!). I just hope that I can give them the delicate green-thumbed touch that my Mom was born with and I’ve […]