June 2019
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Mules and such ....

It was scheduled to be a quiet week for Skydive Burnaby, so slaDE and I decided to meander up to my Father’s farm in Teeswater. Returning home always has this magical healing effect that shifts and changes priorities, melding my soul deeper with nature, connecting me to the Mother Earth in no other way. The […]

Life on another Farm

We had every intention to spend but a few days in Bloomingdale on their Farm with our friends Brian, Jennifer and Roger. Yet having come across a magical place to park our Airstream in the woods with nature surrounding us, flowers fully in bloom, I was finding it difficult to find the momentum to […]

Building Fences

Country living. If you have the perception that life out in the country is laid back as a snail with no worries or stress, I’d like you to experience life with my Father for a day. He lives out in the ‘boondocks’ as one might say. Farmland as far as the eye can see. Long […]

Fluid Musical Movement

Life on the farm, is filled with so many acoustic joys . The sound of silence. The morning song of birds at our windows. The musical expression of a Canadian flag, wildly beating a random rhythm against the flag pole, with the wind whistling in sweet percussion. The cadence of my footsteps as I walk […]

Rainy days, movie nights

The downpour continues, and with it, whistling gusting strong winds rocking our Airstream back and forth. Kinda scary considering that our trailer weighs around 10,000 pounds! With the choice of either puddle jumping or internet surfing, I chose the latter and spent a productive morning and afternoon doing what I love most: internet research and […]