Trashing Stupidity is Ok

Emptying the trashI remember the times growing up when not wearing a seatbelt was pretty common, gravel running with a 2-4 was a Friday night gig, smoking in a vehicle with the windows up or in an office and bar was acceptable, and throwing one’s garbage out the window was a recurring sight. Times have certainly changed, and for the better, in my opinion. People and their health are ‘better’ protected, the environment is being considered, and all around, such changes have left a marked impact on many lives.

All these thoughts are trailing through my mind this morning, as I’m marvelling at the gorgeous Autumn weather being blessed on us as I pole-vault into my daily walk. Sadly, a few minutes in, I stumble across an empty Tim’s cup {with the non-biodegradable plastic lid intact} haphazardly thrown from the window onto the road. And I think, REALLY?

What kind of person still throws their garbage out the window? I am truly mystified. Delinquency indeed comes in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, I think said actions stems from a combination of laziness, self-centred stubbornness and climate change denial. Ignorance about one’s own actions, in this case, is certainly not an excuse. Such careless and disrespectful actions leave me sad and a little bit seething. Just because it’s convenient certainly doesn’t make it right!

I try to think compassionate thoughts, but my no-nonsense environmentalist brain won’t stretch that far today. All I can do is roar an inner growl, pick up the offending rubbish and make a small prayer to Mother Earth for our transgressions. If only our Politicians were as thoughtful and caring in the roles that they fill, cleaning up the garbage and mess that they’re leaving behind instead of stomping all over terra firma and the law-abiding thoughtful citizens of our planet (most of whom are tax-payers supplementing government incomes).

roadstretch-cleanPerhaps if everyone in this world had a daily duty to clean up a mile-long stretch of an Adopt-A-Highway, and/or had the moral obligation to show compassion in some form to Mother Earth, we could literally bag all the offenders and realize that the tiniest of self-imposed actions can all make a difference. The snowball effect would be incredible!

Now if only we could clean up all the political trash, turning the wasteful actions of the delinquent into something positive to help those less fortunate and able.

/rant. Full-stop.


51 days and counting … where does our personal responsibility lie?

“Some 25 million to 39 million gallons of oil are estimated to have gone into the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers.”
Lest we forget, our oceans have no borders, boundaries or barrier walls. I’m of the belief that powerful ocean currents could potentially make this an epic global catastrophe, especially with the ominous hurricane season threatening the deep south. Additionally, 20-60% of crude oil evaporates. Tell me that this won’t settle on to our crops, in to our water system, dispersed in the air we breath. MILLION of GALLONS. Gasp ….. This is has gone on far too long. 51 days to be exact.

I want to provide you with a few excellent links to further educate yourself on the oil spills devastating effects:

A pictorial of the BP Oil Disaster … Forgive Us.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Mote’s Response

A link for visualizing the BP Oil Disatser

What happens to the oil when a hurricane strikes?

Oil on the Water: The Physics of Oil Spills

© Clemente, Francesco - Neo-Expressionismo

How many more days will this continue?? And what can I do in the here and now? Where does my personal responsibility lie? Is it time for a reset on the way that we live? Where can we make better choices in reducing our consumption of fuel, plastics and energy?

Examining the life we lead, slaDE~ and I currently tow our Airstream, our home, behind us as we pursue our dreams. I’m grateful for the relatively good fuel mileage that we get at approximately 15-17 mpg when towing the trailer, 22-25 mpg with the truck on its own. The question is, how can we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels? I’m seriously invested in finding a solution to alternative fuels, such as bio-diesel, to fuel our diesel truck. I would love to see the production of algae and kelp as an alternative fuel source. I wonder if kelp could be grown in the Gulf (kelp grows at astonishingly quick speeds), feeding on the hydrocarbons for energy in the spilled oil?  We could go farther in living a cleaner greener more respectful energy efficient lifestyle … and solar power is one of the most attractive sustainable options that I’d love to add to the Airstream (our current solar panel is dysfunctional). Additionally, a solar oven perhaps? Continuing to use our solar water heater (a black plastic camp shower bag that heats up the water for washing dishes, etc) is a proactive solution which I enjoy. Eating locally grown organic food is a positive step to the greater good. Reducing (and recycling where necessary) our use of plastics is a biggie, especially as plastics originate from fossil fuels. Composting any organic matter (think digging holes across America), and recycling our belongings, allows us to keep our disposables out of the landfill … an incredible bonus. Any other ideas out there for maintaining a environmentally friendly lifestyle on the road?

As a side-note, jumping out of planes for recreation has me torn … a guilty passion which uses huge amounts of fuel. Not sure how to address this one without giving up on my dream of flight??!

Mea maxima culpa …. Collectively WE are responsible for Nature and Mother Earth.  Where would we be if we lived on an empty planet, void of the green and beauty of nature? What if the rainbows of colour didn’t exist for us to to paint our dreams around, fashioning and moulding a kaleidoscopic canvas of beautiful vision? What kind of future would we hope for, dream for, breath in?

Alone we must survive, but why not make it a better place for all? Nature helps us to thrive, be alive and blossom. The call is strong and alive, present in every media angle we may subscribe to. Stop pollution where you can, be vital, function beyond the extraordinary, make a difference and be an advocate and champion for our environment, our planet, our Mother Earth. Step by step, breath by breath, one by one, we CAN make a difference.

Our spirit may soar free,
but why live life just for me!
With time, I will stagnate and die.
But can I do this before merging with the sky?
Can I learn the lessons before crashing and burning?
Or will I offer to others a bittersweet yearning …

For comfort, for joy, for simple pleasures found in Nature.

Spreading my happiness at being one with my Mother,
she that giveth plenty and to which I shall one day return.
From dust to ashes I will bequeath my final responsibility.
Returning to the Earth, to my roots, to my ancestors.
The ultimate score. The life’s lessons, visions, touchings and inspirations which I may have left behind, fostered for future generations.
Let your spirit soar in the least destructive way you know.
Be kind to your Mother.
For one day, you shall return.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

~ © Katherine  sKY:: Weishar

Airstream Spring Cleaning, Day 2

Windows, windows everywhere! 25 window surfaces to be exact. And that’s only counting the one side. Multiple that by 2 in addition to the accompanying screens to most of the count, and you have a whole lot of scrubbing going on.

windows everywhereslaDE fixingThe day started out beautifully, and with a slight window of opportunity (punny! :)) with the weather and approaching front, I wanted to leap at the chance and get a head start on the heavy task at hand. The cleaning of many years of dirt and grime from the ledges of our Airstream’s soul.

When we first bid and then subsequently won our trailer off of eBay, ‘Airabella‘ was immediately tucked away in storage whilst we worked diligently in Calgary for that opportune time to leave our work and explore the North American continent. A year and a half later, we made the Airstream our travelling home and headed south, escaping the cold Fall-Winter temperatures with only a quick surface clean to tide us over until Spring.

Today was the day to tackle the dirt firsthand, providing us with a clean and clear outlook out to the beautiful world around us. The trick was: how could I effectively clean her filthy windows with as little environmental impact as possible?? Instinct and years of conscious cleaning led me in the right direction.

First off, I used an air compressor to blow out the cobwebs, wasp nests and excess garbage from the sills surrounding every window. Then I used a strong solution of hot water, borax and vinegar to surface wash the windows with a micro-fibre cloth. After the bulk of the grime was removed, I gently mopped the screens from both sides and followed with a final rinse of the windows, using a mixture of Sal’s suds, vinegar and hot water. Having a huge pile of newspapers at my disposal, I capitalized on the paper’s capabilities to leave a lint-free dry finish. The end product? A multitude of streak-free squeaky clean windows.

The whole process took me about 8 hours. To say that I was exhausted by the end of the day would be an understatement. But in the flurry of cleaning and Spring overhauls, slaDE and I were content in knowing that our Airstream was ready for a Summer of glorious splendour, wherever we would extend our jacks.

Here’s a few of my favourite eco-friendly recipes for washing windows:

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe

Recipe #1
2 cups water
3 tablespoons vinegar
1/2 teaspoon liquid dish detergent
Recipe #2
3.5 litres water
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tsp dish detergent (liquid)
Recipe #3
2 teaspoons vinegar
1 litre warm water
2 teaspoons borax

Eco-friendly all the way. Live, love it, breath it!