October 2020
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Trashing Stupidity is Ok

I remember the times growing up when not wearing a seatbelt was pretty common, gravel running with a 2-4 was a Friday night gig, smoking in a vehicle with the windows up or in an office and bar was acceptable, and throwing one’s garbage out the window was a recurring sight. Times have certainly changed, […]

The Rain’s Entrance

The rain has finally come. Two months of no rain had cultivated a sense of worry regarding the water table levels . Conservation of the precious H2O here on the mountain has been a fervent plea expressed through the weekly web newsletter and with educational signs postered everywhere water is used (whether it be in […]

The Story of Cosmetics

The ugly truth of toxins going in, toxins coming out? That would describe the ‘Story of Stuff’ project called “The Story of Cosmetics“. In our current day society, a large percentage of what we consume and utilize on this planet has been over-processed, under-tested and mis-handled. The closer we get to natural, the better […]

What is petroleum used in??

Continuing from my blog posting yesterday of our addiction to petroleum and the mess that’s been created in the Gulf, I wanted to break the discussion down in to a more tangible realistic portrayal of how oil is used in our everyday lives. And realistically, what can we do on an individual scale, as consumers, […]

51 days and counting ... where does our personal responsibility lie?

“Some 25 million to 39 million gallons of oil are estimated to have gone into the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers.” Lest we forget, our oceans have no borders, boundaries or barrier walls. I’m of the belief that powerful ocean currents could potentially make […]

Airstream Spring Cleaning

1n June 2008, slaDE~ and I spontaneously bid and won our Airstream dream trailer off of eBay, about 6 weeks before our wedding. Although we stayed in our trailer during the wedding week whilst home on Dad’s Ontario farm, we really didn’t get a chance to explore it’s nuisances and beauty. Fast forward just over […]

The Truth About Coffee Cups and Nothing But the Truth

Do you make a frequent trip to your favourite coffee shop [insert emporium of choice here], but feel somewhat guilty about the disposable cups you might use each visit, only to be pitched and unrecycled? This is an AWESOME way to recycle used coffee (paper) cups! http://www.instructables.com/id/Coffee-cup-sphere-lamp

I’m a huge fan of saving Mother […]

Tips for committing to change for a better planet: 10 by 10

Here’s a mammoth posting for Earth Week, cutting out the clutter and getting straight to the point of focus on environmental issues.

These tips come from a website called: 10 By 10 ~ the website offer ways for you, as an individual, a chance to voice your commitments to change and thus to creating a […]

Cleaning out the .....

Clutter. Stuff. The ultimate treasure hunt, leading me down a memory lane extravaganza. For me, the task of the century, the epitome of my mental clutter resides in the cubby hole downstairs in my Father’s basement. A 3.5 foot tall cement alcove, covering the width of the ENTIRE farmhouse, solely built to withstand the elements […]

Bone tired

The last few days have been so incredibly busy. Part of transitioning into a full-timers’ lifestyle is making sure that our new home is clean and comfy. Basically, we’re starting from scratch and we want to make sure that the mice which visited our Airstream trailer this past winter are completely gone and forgotten. Hence, […]