Oh what I wouldn’t do to ride in the nose-cone of this beautiful North American B-25J, AGAIN!

The ‘Pacific Princess’ is currently parked in Monterey Park, California, but I had the pleasure of a fiery and exciting 2 minute ‘dummy drop’ flight at Eloy, Arizona. The military was testing for deployment data of a certain parachute, at low altitude and immensely high speed. It was incredibly thrilling and an experience both me and my hubby will not soon forgot!


On the road again

Another gorgeous Saturday has passed here in Eloy, Arizona. And with the setting of a blazing fireball sun on this most notable of days, I have blissfully accepted the challenge of a future which leaves me lightheaded and excited, confused and afraid. I have come to the full realization that, yes, on Monday, me and my lovely slaDE~ will be leaving our winter haven and traversing the US countryside towards a home which we once knew in Kitchener Ontario Canada. In one months time, I will be on a flight to Guatemala City. Wow, so much travelling in such a short time. And I’ve yet to figure out the major components between here and there. Ah, the exciting life of a Wayward sKYdiVA.