Healing Connections

What a day of healing! Physiotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, Friend therapy {spending time with several dear friends before heading south for the winter}, Kombucha therapy. All in all, a very connected day of mind, body and spirit. All healing events in their own way. Some easy to just accept, assimilate and listen to in the lessons. Others, not quite so specific in their nature. But learning to flow through the experiences and being fully present was such a gift. Just beautiful …

Unfolding Dreams

Had an amazing yogaFLIGHT session with my husband this afternoon. The realization that we have 5 more days to practise our partner yoga moves is hitting home for us both. A busy summer has left us with little time to actually fly and play. So with a deadline of Friday, we have just upped our ante and need to ‘get in the game’ so to speak. It’s time to finesse and synchronize, play and connect. The excitement keeps building, day by day. And the realization of such an astonishing development in the journey towards our dream’s unfolding is so fantastic! We feel very blessed and incredibly privileged.


Beyond the confines of my mini-world exists a much larger picture of those around me. Of the valuable lessons that I continually learn from slaDE, one of the biggest messages I see ever apparent is the importance of connection with those around me, especially with those  who I am blessed to love. I sometimes battle with my introverted identity. It’s super easy for me to connect via the computer with my worldly friends: I direct the amount of invested time and energy. It’s easy for me to squirrel myself away, voiding all physical contact with the world, happy and content with my own presence and company. And buried knee deep in a life’s history contained within boxes upon boxes has me mesmerized and focused on the task at hand. But I’m really making an effort to connect and remember that life exists beyond the borders of my material belongings. A family whom I haven’t visited with in over 6 months is readily available and in need of their own attention.

At this time, slaDE has his own connecting to do. A giant reawakening of mammoth proportions is about to unveil itself to him. And I applaud his courage to face the unknown fully and with every ounce of courage and integrity that he can muster. It’s been an emotional path of growth and connection that brings us forward, flourishing like the beautiful sunflowers that we are.

Today I connected with my Dad and my sister, spending quality time with them whilst my Dad received one of his health treatments. And I connected with the earth, as Dad planted crops for the season. It was a beautiful day filled with much beauty and loveliness.