March 2020
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Gout & Cross Country Adventures

Within a months time span, slaDE and I have been blessed twice with the company of my Father w/hen he made a cross-country truck trip from home — Ontario. On Dad’s first visit, I was very tempted to travel back home with him. I’m feeling a bit homesick and weary of the Calgary winter, longing […]

Fallen angel

Wanting to enjoy the most of this summer’s day, I set out on my bike, soaking up the sun, celebrating in the purity of the clear blue sky. It was divine and indulgent. Perhaps a bit too indulgent? After visiting with my friends Sara and Michael, I hopped on my mountain bike and started the […]

Voices from the Street 2008

Last night was an eye-opening experience. One that I will never forget (I pray that I will always remember). ‘Voices from the Street’ … the volunteer opportunity of my lifetime.

What started out as a noble gesture to reach out and provide an opportunity to serve, turned into a life-changing experience, recounted through the […]


It was quite the sight to see the Men in action over the weekend in slaDE~s world of concrete and steel. Currently my husband is working on another huge project with Harris ReBar (The Keynote), but he has worked at ‘The Bow’ on several occasions, as Harris has taken on the mammoth EnCana building.

This […]

Earth Day revisited

Yesterday was such a beautiful day to bless, protect and respect our Mother Earth! Initially slaDE and I had hoped to either plant a tree or pick up garbage, but with 10 cm of recent fallen snow hampering those efforts, I felt the need to contribute in another way … so at work, I simply […]

Busy as a Bee!

I’ve been so GOOD at keeping my Project366 photos updated lately, but I’m finding that there just isn’t enough time for everything. SIGH 🙂 This weeks theme is a great one and I want to spend some time going through my photos to find those that best reveal this months / week’s theme. So you’ll […]



To have a Bill hug right now would be divine. We miss you dear friend ….



Sometimes signs don’t need words to depict what they are attempting to represent.

Also encountered on my walk to work.

Week 8 Project Theme -- 'Signs'

I can’t but feel a little disappointed by the themes offered up with this project …. so again, another self-imposed theme for my week ahead … Signs! I really enjoy photographing interesting and unusual signposts. Sometimes the sign itself might be nothing special, but in the context of its surrounds, quite wonderful!




My office building (with the Calgary Tower to it’s immediate right) … not my favourite site on Monday mornings, such as today.