USA bound in our Airstream

Proud CanadiansAs we pack up our Airstream for another venture into the unknown, I can’t help but feel super excited about Wednesday’s seminar at Alumpalooza discussing yoga and healthy living on the road, sharing our yoga and yogaFLIGHT journey thus far! It’s been so interesting to have one foot in Canada and the other in the US as we meander our way between countries, pursuing the dream and being open to the potential and possibilities of no holds barred adventure and exploration of a dream. Kind of scary when you think about it. But truly, the quickest and most unique path to happiness, for us anyway.

With burgeoning feelings of butterfly freedom, we left Skydive Burnaby with our 34 foot 1991 Limited Airstream in tow. Destination: Jackson Center Ohio for the very first Alumapalooza rally, sponsored and run by Airsream Life Magazine. The gathering over 5 days was to be held behind the Airstream factory. The experience is bound to be phenomenal. How could it not be with Airstreams all around uS?

Pulling up to the US Customs at the Buffalo border crossing, we were chastised by a traffic officer for not following the correct signs for ‘RVs This Way’. To be honest, we hadn’t actually seen the signs, and were following another RV ahead of us. Kind of like lemmings, leaping in to the unknown (a skydiver to the core!). But realizing there were no lane changes to be made or outs to be had with our 34 trailer, we shrugged our shoulders and waited. Traffic was incredibly heavy, as Americans returned home on this Memorial Day long weekend. Yet all we could do was patiently idle and hope for the best. I despise mindless engine idling, but with a diesel pulling a heavy load in heavy traffic, you don’t have many safe options ~ lots of quality breath-work was going on for me :). If you’ve travelled beyond your countries fringes, you’ll understand how ease of border crossings can always be crapshoot. Especially in an RV. So far, we’ve been extremely lucky in our effortless Airstream crossings. And today was not much different. Thank heavens! It seems that the truth wins out every time, and the Customs Officers can sense your purpose (with the help of massive databases of information).

Once on the ‘other side’, it seems that the breath always flows much easier. For me, coming to the US is always like a homecoming, with so many friends and fantastic memories. So why not celebrate by exploring the country in style? Taking the route less travelled, we made our way around the toll roads, skirting the shores of Lake Erie. It was a glorious day that harboured looming frontal clouds filled with gloomy darkness and storm warnings. But onwards we rolled, finally becoming engulfed by torrential downpours that had me white-knuckled as the passenger. slaDE~ maneuvered our rig safely and quite skillfully in the lo-visibility conditions. However, with a late start and inclement weather to compound our tiredness, we were more than ready to pull off for the night, waiting out the storm at a Pilot truck stop. Tomorrow would be another travel day.

Airstream yogaFLIGHT (aka Coming Home)

Today was just another day in the world of sKY and slaDE in our life on the road. We planned to do some shopping at the Airstream store and then try to get away at a decent hour so that we could bypass traffic in Toledo and Detroit. But before our departure, slaDE wanted to introduce yogaFLIGHT to a Canadian couple from Sechelt, British Columbia who are travelling the world in their PanAmerican Airstream, with their lovely dog Violet. Laurie and Gary are about our age, who are happy active Snowbirds like us, spending approximately 6 months of their time in Canada and 6 months in the USA .

CharlesSo right in the middle of the Airstream Customer Service lobby, slaDE lay out his mat and demoed yogaFLIGHT. What a sight to behold! A small crowd gathered around Laura flying. So mesmerized was Charles (a curious bystander) in watching what the body could do upside down in yogaFLIGHT, he was fully up for the adventure of trying it! I would guestimate that Charles is in his mid-70’s, and Charles was not at all intimidated by his age and unknown capabilities. Very impressive indeed! Gary was up next. And then we felt the need to make our way northbound, attempting to avoid traffic. It was only after we purchased our final goodies from the Airstream store that we ran in to a unique couple from Arizona. As it turns out, Charron and Alexander had somehow heard of us and yogaFIGHT through some of their friends on facebook. It was an interesting phenomenon to meet 2 strangers who knew us because of yogaFLIGHT reputation. Perhaps it had something to do with their unique ‘Airstream roadshow’ talents: Charron is a tattoo artist, and both of them are sword swallowers (website link).

As we made our way through the remains of Ohio and Michigan, I had these interesting sensations of completion set in to the core of my belly. That feeling of ‘coming home’, although we towed our physical address behind us in the form of our 34.5 foot Airstream trailer. Although the boundaries between the USA and Canada is a topographically fixed entity, the actual differences between the two countries, its people and culture is surprisingly idiosyncratic and noteworthy. Hard to explain, unless of course you’re a Canadian and reading this :).


Crossing the border was once again, literally a breeze. Not only did the lovely Custom’s Officer question us politely and succinctly, she not once bothered to look at our Airstream, let alone get up to examine it or the truck’s contents. Amazingly blessed each and every time that our transition across borders is with ease and comfort. Of course we have nothing to hide, having all of our purchase receipts at the ready with factual dates and times available if questioned thusly. However, it just rounds out our trip experience to the fullest when one is not deemed a ‘delinquent’, which can often be the case when crossing between countries (and I proffer this up, banking from my own vast personal travel experience from the past 24 years).

They say: ‘Home is where the heart is’. I’d like to extend that to ‘Home is where the heart is and the roots have been firmly planted in one’s soul, physically, mentally and familiarly.’ Canada and Family will always be my home away from home. Having the ability to return to both my Mother and Father’s different farms has me melt back into the memories of yesteryear, of which my soul has grown far beyond measure and flight. Blessed be to have this home to return to whilst my parents live on. Blessed be.