Imperfect, pressure free blogging

imperfection is not an excuseWhat a concept: imperfect, pressure free blogging.

In theory however. Ladies and Gentleman, I don’t believe that this exists! Not in my books anyway. I’m my own worst critic. Yet that doesn’t stop my procrastination tendencies. My blogging proclivity follows somewhat of a cycle. I get behind a few days. The photos to upload take work to edit (and I always have SOOOOO many!), watermark and post. I start to write and I want to ramble on. The post ends up taking an hour or two to write. And then another hour to sort out the photos and post via WordPress. I stumble, find excuses for going to bed early and not writing. I daydream about having the blog updated daily. But reality hits, and I’m all of a sudden 2 days, 7 days 15 days behind. i grow sad for not expressing that which I have so much to write about, especially with us travelling again. What do I fear, in falling behind? Am I risking failure? Of losing that sense of history, of forgetting my past? Losing the moments and lessons that have such intense meaning at the time but fade with light years, distance and memory fade? Of letting down those that do indeed care and desire to know? All the above I suppose.

So I’ve decided tonight to stop procrastinating, whinging and whining, dust off my odd notes here and there, and post out of sequence my ramblings over the last two months of un-posted content. Blasphemy! Especially for me. I’m usually pretty good at posting at least a few entries a month, if not more (aka borderline obsessive computer crazed). But come to think of it, the break has been good, and I’m ready to slowly delve into the depths of my writing. I’m here for you, if you want me. But more importantly, I’m here for me. This is my fall-back for when I grow old and senile. i have forgotten. Or fallen off the wagon, and need a boost to show me that hey, I’ve actually done good. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but good.

I’m curious, does anyone other than my Grandfather actually read this blog on a regular basis? And oh yeah, Grandpa, sorry for not writing and posting photos as often as I should / could / want to. Love you! And thank you for reading. Love you Grandpa. Kudos and peace sent out into the world for the others who happen to be stumbling through and reading this :).

Facebook frenzy

FacebookOn the Facebook blog this morning, I was totally amazed at hearing this truth: “More than 175 million people use Facebook. If it were a country, it would be the sixth most populated country in the world.” It’s truly amazing how FB has been such an international phenomenon. I’m not a myspace user, never have and probably never will be (never say never :)), but I wonder how myspace features in popularity to FB?? Quite impressive, I must say, when you look at the numbers. I probably spend at least 30 minutes and upwards each and every day, communicating with friends, posting photos to my albums, and just catching up on everybody’s business. Did I really just say that? Well, yes indeed, FB has become the ultimate spy! Scary when you think about it, especially when FB turns around and says that: they own your content, whether that be photos, emails, wall postings, etc. (earlier this month FB changed its policy to say user content belonged to Facebook). Ack! With as many users as there is, CNN states that it’s no surprise that so many “outraged members canceled their accounts or created online petitions”. In fact, it created such a stir that “on Wednesday, Facebook reviewed user “feedback,” and reverted to its old policy”. Nice to know that they’re listening, ‘for now’. Keep alert dear people.

I love sharing my life with my friends and acquaintances, but at what cost to my own privacy and security, am I doing this?? Safety and security online is a misnomer, a myth, and certainly an untruth. The ultimate spy indeed, the internet. Look at Google Earth, Google maps … Google anything! Your backyard is our backyard, your content is the world’s content. Be wary, be smart and be safe out there, you hear?

Time sure flies

Oh how time flies! The summer is almost gone and SO much has happened. I’ll have to backdate my posts: our trip to Nelson; our birthday wedding; Aaron and Otto’s union. Just not enough time in the days, especially with a full-time job and yoga on the side.

I am the first to admit, it was truly the summer to top all summers. I have enough spectacular love-filled memories to carry me through to my next life, to be sure 🙂

It’s really difficult, at times, to feel in tune and at peace with life when it seems that time is flying by so quick, that opportunities might have been missed. Especially when it comes to summer in Canada (for me anyway); cloning of oneself would be an advantage during this time :). Personally I wish that the warmest season of the year could be everyday. I’m not the ‘winter baby’ that slaDE~ is. My body rebels at the first inklings of a long-standing bone-chilling cold snap that sometimes accompanies the ending of the dog days associated with my favourite season (especially here in ALberta; it feels as if we skip Fall and directly leap into Winter! And Autumn was always my favourite season).

But I must admit, we made the most of this years summer, from the moment that the clocks turned back an hour earlier until now. My body is finally start to relax after the chaos that resembled the past 4 months. It was tremendously thrilling and so much fun, I must confess.

For me, there are no ‘would have, could have, should haves’. Experience has shown me (through many tears and feelings of loss) that there is no changing the past as I so lovingly or not so lovingly have navigated through it.

The key to fitting everything in (as Bruno suggests ) is in the planning. “Making decisions and following through on them. It’s true of everything that is important in our life that we have to decide where we want to go and when and how.”

I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.
– Donald Trump

Chris, a friend of Bruno, asks these 2 quesions of himself, every breathing and living day:

1. What am I doing, that I shouldn’t be doing, but am?
2. What am I not doing, that I should be doing, but am not?

It's about timeI actually tried asking myself these 2 questions this morning. And with great honesty and a solemn deep breath, I sighed and went to yoga with my beloved husband and returned to my computer and my cherished blog; I’ve truly missed writing, capturing the glorious memories of summer and sharing each living moment with my ardent fans. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, I forgot to revel in the moment and take the time to sit down to write.

Next time that I question whether I have the energy to write or go to yoga class, I’ll ask myself these questions and hopefully stay true to my sometimes neglected passions, getting back on track, focussing on the present moment rather than on the past or future (or my weary body).