Lessons in Acro Yoga

As the fluid business of the past week settles in to my core, and I sit with the experiences of our Acro Yoga intensive 4 days, I listen instinctively to the valuable lessons that i’ve been blessed with. The biggest being:

Happiness formula = Doing MY best and feeling good about it whilst finding the value in my worth and efforts.

Unhappiness formula = Comparing myself to others. Or as Baron Baptiste has said: “when we focus on the things we can’t do, we lose sight of the things we can do

The leaps and bounds in improvement and stability of my acro yoga (aka yogaFLIGHT) skills has been tremendous and somewhat overwhelming. If I were to compare myself and technique to others that participated in the throwdown, I was truly ‘nothing special’. A beginner at best. However, I still view the time spent with Eugene and Jessie and their acro crew and talents as inspirational models of beauty, grace and flight. I so admire their years of hard work in getting to where they soar effortlessly and beautifully. They are indeed all magnificent!

  • Acro Yoga may look easy and fluid, but only because there has been much repetition, learning and practice (and perhaps falls from great height).
  • engagement of the core and extension through my extremities makes all the difference
  • by coming in to my centre, both physically and mentally, I am able to focus and shift any energies of fear and discomfort
  • hand to hand does not equal death grip
  • Acro Yoga maneuvers with a broken finger is not the best of ideas (although I wasn’t going to let it stop me!) — see the hand-to-hand point above 🙂
  • success with Acro Yoga is similar to being on the Slackline. One needs to find both stillness and breath to keep balanced and focussed
  • it’s okay to stay true to my desires and needs
  • remember the laughter, the fun and the play! oh yes, and the FLIGHT!!!!
  • from the acroyoga.com website: “In the pursuit of excellence we sometimes lose sight of why we were attracted to something. The joy and excitement we experienced can easily be replaced by obsessive striving, and a strong desire to ‘strike the pose’. In so doing we move away from our innate sense of discovery in favor of our attachment to completion.”
To come away from the experience that I did with such a wealth of knowledge and new friends was a priceless adventure well worth the commitment which I at first feared due to injury.
Do you have any experiences that you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone but were grateful to have participated in?

Words to live by

The verse below expresses such beautiful words of wisdom. A truly wonderful reminder that life is to be lived fully, with joy and with gratitude, each and every moment, breath by breath, thought by thought, action by action.

Oh how blessed we are to be thriving and alive in this world!

Kick it, love it, live it.

There are four things that you cannot recover in life:

(1) The Stone ………. after it’s thrown,

(2) The Word ………. after it’s said,

(3) The Occasion ………. after it’s missed, and

(4) The Time ………. after it’s gone.

Folk Festival Inspired

Folk Buddies at the CFMFWhat a FABULOUS weekend. 16 hours spread out of over 4 days of volunteering, in return for the ultimate in enjoyable volunteering pleasure + excellent healthy (often) organic food + immaculate HOT weather + meeting new-to-me artists of incredible talent = the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Folk you say? Well, in my own opinion, to label the artists that performed here as liberally or generally Folk would be a disservice. The artists crossed all boundaries of musical genres, from Pop to Rap to Reggae to Blues to Country to Bluegrass to Folk. And beyond. Any and all expectations. Exceeded. Multi-dimensional. Beautiful workshops of collaborative and spontaneous inspiration. Now that’s what I call musically inclined and inspired to the max. I still shiver at the excellent and brilliant meetings of spirit, soul and music. Lovemaking in the purest form.

New-to-me artists that totally changed my world and expanded my musical tastings? Harriston-born Estheros, Emily Wells, finger banging Chad Van Gaalen, Pacifika, Arrested Development, Steven Page (former lead singer and founder of the Bare Naked Ladies), Mirah, Iron and Wine and Luluc. Just to name a few. Wow. Glad I pushed the envelope of my schedule and busy-ness. It was indeed worth the investment of time and energy. New friends, enchanted surprise rendezvouses and spontaneous eruption of dance and song (on my part!). Check the artists out if you get the chance. They may rawk your world as well.