May 2019
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Day 6 of Mission 100

Without having built a record as hoped for yesterday, we were on the field at 6:30am with full gear, anticipating at least 3 jumps this morning. Unfortunately, the Sherpa pilot needed to be back in Illinois by mid-afternoon, meaning we had a small window to skydive, with 12 noon being our deadline. The first jump […]

Day 5 of Mission 100

We made 4 jumps today … I was on a 44 way, 65 way and after more weather delays, two 100 record attempts in the late afternoon. We had no luck at building the 100 ways, but it certainly was fun using all 4 airplanes. The visuals were spectacular!I was incredibly pleased with my flying […]

Day 4 of Mission 100

The plan yesterday was to complete three 50 way dives (3 helixes off the base) before starting with 100 way attempts. However, the weather hasn’t been on our side and we are somewhat behind the power curve in getting through our practise jumps prior to attempting a record building formation. At 7:15am, 90+ skydivers were […]

Day 3 of Mission 100

Rain day. Blah …. we were in constant limbo throughout the day as the organizers held us on standby whilst the crappy weather blew through, hopes held high that an opportune moment would have us jumping with our 40 way groups once again. Hour by hour we would meet up for an update of the […]

Day 2 of Mission 100

40 way Skydive Exits En Masse from Three Jump Planes

Two 40 way jumps from 3 planes were today’s dives. The best skydiving visuals of my life EVER (well, scratch that …. the Blue Hole is up on par with today’s jumps). With me being situated on the second pass of the left trail […]

Day 1 of Mission 100

Excitement courses through my veins as anticipation of this event is about to begin. The last (and only time) that I’ve participated in a 100 way attempt was in Orange Massachusetts in 2004. The largest completed formation I’ve been on was a Woman’s 37 way record at Skydive Burnaby in July 2002. It was a […]

Mission 100

Parachute Montreal is host to the 100 way Record Attempts that slaDE and I have been accepted as participants (aka Mission 100). Parachute Montreal is located in St-Esprit Quebec, 25 minutes east from the centre of Laval (home of the Skyventure Windtunnel!) and 40 minutes from downtown Montreal. The 100 way event will run between […]

More Rain

Weaving our way to the drop zone north of Montreal, the day started beautifully with warm temperatures and sunny skies. The moat around our trailer had vanished, yet the mosquitoes remained, poised to attack. But not long after our departure, the rain set in again. Miraculously, and as if a sign, crossing the Quebec border, […]