Airstream Storage

After a wonderful day visit with my Mom, we made our way back home to Southwestern Ontario. Time to pull Airabella, our 34 foot Airstream beauty, out of the storage she was safely nestled in over the winter. Boy, did I miss her! Considering she weathered the storm in a storage barn for 6 months, she fared very well. Albeit dusty with cobwebs, I was extremely pleased to see that mice hadn’t found a nesting place during our time away. I SWEAR by my dousing of spearmint oil throughout the trailer (I probably used about 30ml of pure essential oil and the smell is still strong, lingering in it’s wonderful scent). Luckily we managed to keep any and all pests at bay during our time away ~ I am incredibly relieved. I was worried …. rodents and barns tend to go hand in hand, especially in the winter.

Spearmint essential oil strikes again. Brilliant! Rodents dislike the smell of mint and it seems to keep them away. So very important in maintaining a clean and healthy living space. Nobody wants vermin burrowing in the walls of their trailer, especially as these pets have a tendency to chew away at anything along their path, including electrical wires. Any access given to food, water, heat and shelter is a huge bonus for vermin. The key to rodent-proofing an rV (any home for that matter) is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Steel wool stuffed in small places is another deterrent to mice biting their way in through narrow entryways. Here’s a great article on other ways to keep the rodents at bay, away from your home and rV.

Herbal Summer Recipe: Medicinal

Mountain Rose Herbs is one of my favourite sources for online bulk herbal, culinary and aromatherapy supplies. At the moment, they’re having a DIY herbal recipe contest that can fall in to 3 categories: medicinal, culinary, or body care. In return for a winning entry to one of the three classifications, a $200 gift certificate is generously offered. And the caveat? This contest ends tomorrow, Sunday, May 16. 🙂

It’s interesting to have a diverse blog like mine that not only covers the terrain of our Airstream travels but also offers green-friendly tips and thoughts, recipes for the body, soul and health, travel experiences and advice, plus so much more. I’m curious however. Does this make my blog a bit too confusing and unfocussed? Or do you like the diverse array of topics and articles?

Anyway, enough of my rambling … on with the promised recipes, posted as three separate entities below.

Recipe #1 of the Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest

Medicinal ~ Summer Bite / Sting / Splinter Poultice

bentoniteClay is known for its ability to purify and pull poison out of a bite / sting to the skin’s surface, keeping the poison from spreading; Echinacea lessens an allergic reaction and Lavender disinfects.

Yield = 1/8 cup Clay Poultice (paste)


  • 1 tablespoon Bentonite Clay
  • 1 tbsp Distilled Water
  • 12 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon Echinacea Root tincture

Combine the lavender e.o. with the echinacea tincture. Mix the the water and the clay together, using only enough water to form a thick paste, and slather it on to the wound area.

Let the clay dry for about 20 minutes. There may be a slight pulling sensation as it dries … this is a normal sensation. Rinse the clay poultice off with cool water and reapply, if necessary.

For a more powerful poultice, mix equal parts of bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar until it forms a creamy paste. Apply the paste liberally to the problem area and let it set on the body for about 45 minutes. Rinse as above. Be sure not to use any metal bowls or silverware when mixing this recipe as the bentonite clay could react badly with any metal used.

Herbal Summer Recipe: Culinary

Recipe #2 of the Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest

Culinary ~ sKY::s Super Green Superfood Smoothie

VitaMix SmoothieSmoothies are a cre8tive force that I tinker with almost every day, and rarely do I duplicate the same ‘recipe’, as I tend to blend whatever I have available.
The quantities in the smoothie can vary depending on how many you will be feeding and how green / sweet  you like your smoothies. And if you don’t have some of the ingredients, don’t fret! Mix and match whatever you can that appeals to your sense of taste and adventure.

Vita-Mix Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 2 – 5 cups liquid  (I tend to use water or Almond Milk) but Juice, Herbal or Green Tea, Soy /Nut Milk and yogurt are options as well
  • 1 frozen Banana
  • 1 peeled Orange
  • 1/2 cup frozen fruit such as Blueberries, Strawberries, Mango, Pineapple
  • 2 tablespoons Hemp Powder (or Protein Powder of choice)
  • 2 handfuls fresh greens (Spinach, Chard, Kale, etc)
  • 1 tablespoon Chia Seeds (awesome protein source)
  • 2 tablespoons Flax Seed
  • 2 tablespoons raw Cacao Nibs or 1 tablespoon raw Cacao Powder
  • 1 tablespoon of Bee Pollen
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup Aloe Vera Juice
  • a pinch of cardamon, cinnamon and sea / Himalayan salt
  • a splash of vanilla extract

VitaMix smoothieFor the adventurous, add:

  • a few Dandelion Leaves
  • 1 teaspoon Spirulina or Blue Green Algae
  • 1 tablespoon of Maca Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Açaí powder
  • 1 teaspoon hemp and/or coconut oil

Try to source ingredients which are organic and/or as local and fresh as possible.

Blend all ingredients in a highspeed blender (placing solid or frozen ingredients in last — we use the Vita-Mix and LOVE it!).
Secure lid and blend. If necessary, add more liquid to reach the desired consistency. Serve immediately. One super-healthy, super green smoothie.

Experiment with quantities and varieties of fruits and veggies. I suggest that you give yourself permission to be a discerning alchemist. Take notes as you go to what succeeded and what ingredients were not so desirable. Let your taste-buds be your guide. Most of all, have fuN experimenting, and savour the healing and healthy experience of nourishing your body with goodness!

PS If you are interested in learning more about raw foods and where to find the Superfoods I live by, shoot me an email and I can forward you more information! Mountain Rose Herbs is a good place to start but I have other sources as well, and if interested in a Vita-Mix, you can get free standard shipping through me (anywhere in North America) and save :)!

Aromatherapy Summer Recipe: Body Care

Recipe #3 of the Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest

Body Care ~ Blossoming Orange Hair Cleansing Rinse


I’ve got pretty fine hair, and I find that some shampoos can leave my hair feeling weighted or flyaway, dependant on many factors. So I came up with a wonderful smelling hair rinse that helps to stimulate and cleanse the hair ~ scalp, especially if I’m finding it greasy and unmanageable. The only warning: don’t let this hair rinse get in your eyes. It sure stings s lot!


For a 100ml bottle of hair rinse, which will give you about 5 hair washes ~

  • 20 ml Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 40 ml Orange Flower Water (if you are having difficulty finding this, look at an Indian food market)
  • 40 ml Spring Water
  • 12 drops Petitgrain Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

Combine all the ingredients and shake well before each use. Use on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, leaving the cleansing rinse on for a few minutes. Wash out with with cool or tepid water.

Essential Oils and Herbs, in all their glory

That which exists in Nature will save us. All the high tech gadgetry and artificial replications of Nature’s tools will never replace what can be found living in our own backyards. Here’s a perfect example about the herb Thyme, as published in the UK Daily Mail:

Scientists have found that the common cooking herb, thyme, could be a miracle cure for the deadly MRSA bug.

Researchers at the University of Brighton, East Sussex, discovered that oils extracted from the plant can kill the bug – linked to at least 8,000 deaths each year – within two hours.

An extract from thyme has been found to kill MRSA in two hours

They hope the findings, published in the International Journal of Essential Oil Therapeutics, will be the first step in developing a new treatment to stop the spread of MRSA.

The infection is rampant in many hospitals and resistant to antibiotics.

Herbs: Natures true wonder drugs.

Life as we know it

aromatherapy potentialI know, it’s been almost a month without a posting from moi! I’m feeling rather sad at the fact that I haven’t posted anything about our spectacular trip to Florida with our nieces and their family. It was so INCREDIBLE. Maybe someday soon I’ll catch up 😉 However, the hectic lifestyle of a full-time working entrepreneur, trying to build not one but two new businesses has kept me incredibly busy! My yoga teaching and my aromatherapy venture. It has been quite the adventure. I truly love what I do, but I think that I’ve overfilled my plate a tad, and I’m suffering from a bit of ‘indigestion’ so to speak. More like consistently tired, sleep-deprived, fluctuating energy, waning enthusiasm and shifting moods. My husband is in awe at what I’ve accomplished, and this helps to motivate and spur me through the tough all-nighters. He’s 110% supportive and lends me his nose whenever I need a unbiased opinion. Tough at times though as he is not as scent-focused as I am. And males are known to have lesser sensory ‘skills’ as women. An interesting tidbit I thought.

aromatherapy and meSo tonight, I am putting work aside and spending some quality time with my honey, snuggling in bed and watching a movie! Oh the good ‘ole times. When the weekday evenings were ours to do whatever we chose, no commitments (other than the occasional Talisman yoga class). Time to rest, relax and revitalize the energy. Just in time for our week-long Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training retreat! Yeah, it’s our final course. And then once we finish our course, essays, book reviews and exam, we’re fully qualified through Yoga Alliance. Ready for life on the road with our passions guiding us from one venture to the next.

Vinegar of The Four Thieves: Antibacterial, the natural way

I really despise the use of Antibacterial products in the clinics and hospitals (I’m grateful that the Family Planning Clinic that I currently work at has found another alternative).

From an article that I read, The American Medical Association (AMA), and a number of scientists are casting doubt on the facts that there is no evidence that these products stop infection any better than regular soap, and they worry that increased use of antibacterial products might lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Here’s an interesting article, found at the Care 2 website.

You can make natural antibacterial products like those that they used at home instead of buying commercial disinfectants that we are now finding out may cause drug resistance. Here is the famous Vinegar of The Four Thieves recipe; it is sometimes called Grave Robber’s Blend. Use it wherever you would normally use disinfectants.

Place a small handful each of dried lavender, rosemary, sage, rue and mint in a large jar, and cover completely with organic apple cider vinegar. Cover tightly and set for six weeks. Strain into a spray bottle. Whereas no home can be made to be sterile, spray the powerfully antiseptic Vinegar of Four Thieves recipe in areas of concern, such as on cutting boards and door knobs, always making sure to avoid your eyes.