May 2019
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Another Amusement Park

With my Father heading south of the border for the day, my older sister and nephew had the urge to go to Marineland with Forrester’s friend Ryan. So if we wanted to spend the day visiting with my oft-not-visited family, it meant going against all my urges of supporting a Zoo (of sorts), that housed […]

Return to Burnaby

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We were fortunate to have 3 whole days on the farm midweek. A treat considering slaDE~ is the full-time Tandem Instructor during the week at Skydive Burnaby. Seems that the rainy weather was on our side :). Before leaving, Dad had to give Lady a penicillin […]

Pedicures of the Equine Kind

Although I absolutely adore going home, returning to the farm usually means a shift in my daily routine and sleeping schedule. Ever since returning to a ‘life of luxury’ (aka no official job title ~ outside of my freelance meanderings ~ with set start times), we’ve seldom had to use an alarm clock and we’ve […]

Mules and such ....

It was scheduled to be a quiet week for Skydive Burnaby, so slaDE and I decided to meander up to my Father’s farm in Teeswater. Returning home always has this magical healing effect that shifts and changes priorities, melding my soul deeper with nature, connecting me to the Mother Earth in no other way. The […]

Walking and talking with the Animals

San Diego has a world re-known first class Zoo that I’ve always wanted to visit. With lousy weather back at the drop zone, it seemed like an ideal time to play tourist and navigate this city from the ground (read blog entry from yesterday where we explored San Diego from the air). Balboa Park and […]

My infamous Hippo adventures

Well it’s official. I’m famous :~). Joking! But I am privileged indeed to have had my prize-winning Hippo adventure story broadcast live over the CBC airwaves. How spectacular!

So now it’s time to share. I’ve been alluding to this story for ages in my blog. And here’s the honest-to-goodness non-fictional tale which won us the […]



Sadly, a garbage feeding frenzy.



Makes for an interesting ride (those prone to motion sickness need not apply!).



Just a nibble??



“It’s been a hard day’s night And I’ve been working like a dog. It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log.”