October 2020
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Hippie Dippy

Another cool yogaFLIGHT experience in the middle of our day, driving through Indiana en route to Jackson Center Ohio for Alumapalooza 4. After an amazing unexpected skydiving pitstop in Fort Wayne Indiana, slaDE and I decided to stop for a quick toilet break and food stop. In western Ohio on Route 20 (Woodville), we stumbled […]

New Orleans Adventures

Arising early in the morning to catch photographic trails of the rising sun is, in my books, well worth the efforts. With last nights sunset, I couldn’t help but think that today’s sunrise would be just as magical on digital ‘film’. Disappointed, I was not! Beyond the manicured short stretch of beach near the casino […]

Old Reliable

The morning waters reflected like mirrors in the stillness of the warm Florida sunshine. Birds of every colour and calling grazed for jumping fish and insects, whilst my husband attempted to photograph the essence of stillness. It made for an incredible canvas, and at times like these I wish we had 2 SLRs. But with […]

Jockey’s Ridge, North Carolina

Clambering the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge was a thrill and a half, as we both looked to capture an essence of the joys of flight experienced by the Wright Brothers from these east coast sand dunes (which are considered the tallest natural dunes on the East coast, fluctuating between 80 and 100 feet above sea-level). […]

RV There Yet: January - May 2010

Here’s the path of our journey in North America thus far in 2010. It’s been quite an incredible adventure! Here’s to many more …

Zorbing in Tennessee

Zorbing: Why should hamsters have all the fun? Zorbing, first developed in New Zealand, involves hanging out in a giant plastic ball and rolling down a hill. It’s not as painful as it sounds, though: there’s a smaller ball within the large one, something that makes it a shock absorber. You have two options here: […]

Memories of Rafting Adventures

One of my most precious memories this summer has been rafting down the Bow River with my beloved Bill, as his first mate. A remarkable nimble Captain he was, keeping us dry, entertained and safe from crashing into the many piers along our 3 hour tour.

I wanted to share just one of the […]


Waking up to the sound of silence was blissful and welcome. I felt like a child at Christmas, sneaking out of bed, poking my head out the door to see what presents had been left … But the gift I was searching for was what lay beyond the windows of this lovely cabin (built by […]

Nature beckons Us

The day couldn’t go fast enough for us to get away. The 3 hour drive through the mountains would be a bit of a crap shoot as to which route we would have to take. The TransCanada passage through to Golden from Banff is notorious for road closures (mudslides / avalanches / landslides / heavy […]