Skydive Dallas

Driving north to Canada is usually a straight forward decision once the threat of snow is not an issue. Diversions were the last thing on my mind for this trip (although snow was still a factor for many places), but a sudden set of catastrophic tornados has been sweeping across the southeastern states, in direct convergence with our route northbound. We really didn’t realize how close until we stopped at a Thai restaurant (Pat-Thai = amazing!) just east of Skydive Dallas. There, the TV was broadcasting severe weather warning alerts for the local area, with images of giant killer tornados that had hazed through a neighbouring community. Uh oh. Not sure how to deal with that??! The skies looked fine, with big puffy clouds. No green and bright yellow skies reminiscent of a freaky passing weather system close-by. Should we stay put or retreat to the dz, hoping to miss the path of destruction? After a quick dinner, we sped towards Skydive Dallas, watchful for any unusual meteorological activity. Luckily we dodged any difficulties and landed safely enough to park our Airstream and check out the new-to-us dz in Whiteright. The first and third final load of the day just took off after we arrived, and it was almost sunset. They too have been severely winded out by the harrowing Texan winds this past month. Still a tad too windy for my liking, but the forecast for the following day looked promising. With a place to plug in for the night, we were as snug as a bug in a rug. But wow, the temperature has certainly dropped compared to Houston!

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