Seasons of Change: Spring

Spring is definitely in the air. I love returning home to my parents’ farms. Fresh air and country living is splendidly beautiful at this time of year. The fields and grass lushly green from April showers, buds beginning to embellish the trees with foliage, birds frolicking amongst the freshly filled bird feeders, freshly laundered bedding hanging out to dry, and spring flowers of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths beautifying Ma & Pat’s gorgeous lawns. Orioles, Robins, Grosbeaks, Blue Jays, Cardinals and Finches are the primary feathered friends I was delighted to witness — it’s a bird-lover’s paradise here with Mom’s 26 bird containers. Reggie is a fully grown 1 year old Border Collie … she’s relatively obedient and incredibly active and playful. It was fun spending the last few warm sunny days working outside, with Reggie running everywhere, spritely and high-spirited, engaging and mischievous. Really lovely to be back in Canada!

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