Sandblasted by the storm

The wind tunnel after the stormDrowned out @ EloyAn epic storm here in Arizona …. the rain they’ve received in the last 24 hours (between 5-7 inches) amounts to more than 1/2 of what Arizona receives in a year. One can only imagine the repercussions …. flash flooding, power outages, sand storms, tornado watches. All this whilst we wiled the day and night away in our Airstream. slaDE~ could even smell the desert within the trailer. Sand managed to creep in through every sliver and crack in the skeleton of our trailer. Part of living in the desert, I suppose. Yet it was only noticing the pile of sand on the inside of the door that we looked for a solution to keeping out the wind which rocked the Airstream and blasted us from the southwest with 55 mph wind gusts. A waterlogged camping spotTaping the window slits and the door crease whilst hanging a towel as a backup helped to keep the swirling dust at bay. So grateful to be stationary in this whirlwind of a storm. Seems like we’ve been chasing violent atmospheric disturbances across the southern US. I look forward to calmer and brighter days. Let’s hope that California brings the gifts of good weather this winter!

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