prowling like a Kat

I ventured into Antigua by chicken bus. Another great experience in seeing new country on my own discovery. With nothing but time on my hands, I flitted around both the artisan and food market. Amazing craftspeople and hard-cord vendors. Escaping the barking pleas for their wares takes a whimsical hand at not showing too much interest or involvement in their wares, even if interest was had. I stumbled upon the ‘The Black Cat’, unloaded my few belongings and started an exploration of the beautiful city … But as timing would have it, the rain starts and my umbrella breaks, finally! I discovered a hidden Thai restaurant but was vaguely disenchanted by its blah-ness … Mediocre at best. Off to the bagel barn for an overpriced yummy bagel and my luscious 1st cup of coffee in Guatemala. Fantastic! After numerous hours of winding my way in and out of tiny alcoves (partial shelter from the rain, enough to take photographs of the beautiful surrounds), I discovered a clothing store, after several hours of fighting the instinct for dry cover, and unlike my normal spend-thrift mode, bought a brightly supple and impractical pair of trousers. It was almost dark and time for me to turn into a pumpkin … I returned to the hostel and spent the evening lazily watching movies: “Layer Cake” and “The 40 Year old Virgin” … Both really great films. The former is intriguing; about a successful respected cocaine drug dealer who plans on early retirement but instead finds himself delving deeper into a richly layered world of double-crossings and painful lessons.

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