Planting Florida Roots

Arriving in Zephyrhills Florida with the warmth of the sun kissing us upon arrival, I couldn’t help but feel my body sigh with relief, releasing muscles exhausted by the bitter cold of Winter. After finishing our Walmart shop, we made quick headway to the dropzone well known for its Canadian invasion over the Christmas Holidays. My first time at Skydive City to be honest. I’ve visited most of the other Florida dzs, and I very much looked forward to establishing roots, even if for a month, with electric hookup, water and sewer available only a short drive away. Zephyrhills …. home of the Geriatric J-Walkers, creepy crawly insects, repulsive Floridian reptiles and pure water. Oh it so so good to be home. Awnings out, fans a blowing. t-shirt weather is here. Yippppeeee!

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