January 2019
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Frontier SkydiversYesterday, our friend Thomas ‘Toma’ Medbury from Frontier Skydivers, a man we’ve known for about 8 years, passed away from his critical injuries from the plane crash last Sunday. It was truly a miracle that up until then, all 6 passengers on board survived the crash, 5 walking away. When a fellow skydiver dies in the sport, part of our community loses the spirit of their essence, but the memories of their time with us will live on.

We’re  a tight knit family at Frontier, a club founded in 1960. Although I started jumping in England for several years before spending the bulk of my jumping at varying drop zones through out the past 19 years, I spent 4 solid seasons at Frontier with slaDE~, and the club became a family with whom we’ve built and maintained many close friendships. Toma dying was a huge hit to our family circle, but in times of difficulty, we rally together in friendship, remembering that life is short, and time spent with friends and family is more precious than anything I’ve ever experienced. In a positive light considering these tragic circumstances, Toma’s family donating Toma’s organ for others to live on was truly a gift of life.

Bless you Toma. May your spirit live on fire master.

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