One full week

BabajislaDE and I have been at the Mount Madonna Center for one full week. So far the time on the mountain has given me a chance to:

  • become evermore curious about Baba Hari Das (a silent monk) and this exciting community that he has built here at Mount Madonna;
  • recognize familiar faces and associate the names behind the friendly features {many community members have chosen Sanskrit names — not an easy task to remember them all, let alone pronounce people’s chosen moniker);
  • discover the vegetarian menu as it unfolds (there seems to be a cyclical and rotational consistency to the menu with moments of surprise and awe thrown in);
  • develop a beautiful routine within these amazing surroundings ~ daily walks in the Redwood forests, a consistent yoga practise, evening visits to the magical garden, etc.;
  • feel comfortable and safe within this spiritual and yogic community.

menuI love that this communal environment, so far, has given me an incredible amount of space and flexibility to discover / accomplish whatever it is I have come to MMC to do (whatever that may be! I’m still assimilating and digesting this new reality). I’m learning such a wealth of information about the history and philosophical principals of Ashtanga yoga within our weekly gatherings, and at the same time, I’m flourishing within my own spirituality, exploring on so many levels, beyond the schedule of my volunteer tasks. Karma yoga in it’s most beautiful form!

Since finding the strength to participate in the early morning Pranayama classes, I haven’t missed a beat with my daily yoga and dinacharya session. This is such a fabulous fresh start to a new year. Not that I made a resolution as such, but rather, I wanted to give the full-on experience of this lifestyle a dedicated effort with supreme love, attention and devotion. I must admit, it’s been good for me, despite my continued and petulant flu / cold sickness. This nasty bug persists unrelentingly despite my daily efforts of Ayurvedic attention and nurturing. Time to be at peace with what is and know that I am doing my best to quell the beast within my body :). Hopefully it won’t drag on for months like it did 3 years ago. If the chesty cough and flemmy goo still lingers on for another week, it’ll be time to schedule a doctor’s visit.

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