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  1. They're great. They allow for the circulation of air and moisture and are cheap too! Use stockings – like the pantyhose footies you can buy cheap at the dollar store. Pour your calcium chloride in that and set it in the pot.

  2. When I full-timed I used them in my closets and it worked great! You can put more chloride around in the really moist places – under cabinets, in the bathroom etc. and you can hang the small ones from the closet rod. Good luck with it!

  3. You guys are awesome and inspirartional! The Smoothie was yummy!
    The plan is for me to start yoga classes in November! Thanks!!

    I’d like to talk to you about the Vitamix. How do I do that?

  4. Just joined your website!. How can I get past-recipes?. I am an-uncontrolled diabetic and my doctor is watching me like a hawk,so whatever you send me will be approved by my doctor. Thank you very much for your help. Edward Davis.

    • Thank you Edward! You can search through the blog with tags to find recipes. I offer some vitamix (blender & healthy) recipes + several others. Good luck!

    • The lemons help the avocado from turning black.

      Once the avocado fruit has been cut and the contents mashed, an enzyme released from inside the cells of the avocado flesh starts causing the pulp to turn brown in the presence of oxygen. Placing the pit on top of the guacamole keeps oxygen away from the area directly in contact with the pit. The surrounding area not covered by the pit still turns brown.

  5. I’m new to this whole yoga thing.

    I guess it’s line with what Danny says about life without borders. I take part in Yoga for Athletes and I stretch my body in ways I never thought possible. There are some things I still can’t do, but I’m working on it. So, to me, it means not limiting yourself.

  6. Interesting. You share a similar feeling as most skydivers I’ve heard speak of their experienced/student tandem student jumps. Yet, myself – having done close to 25 tandems now- 12 of which were before I started pulling to save myself- skydiving myself- I’ve always felt completely peaceful as soon as I exit the plane, no different then if I jumped myself. Only thing I like about jumping myself is that I am not limited by rules by someone else as to some of the things I like to do during a skydive (as a tandem student I’m not able to do many of the things I can do while skydiving solo). Perhaps this way I think & feel is an anomaly?

  7. Holy smokes! I made this pudding this evening for a Christmas get-together with family. I soaked the figs and dates in the water. Beware, SUER sweet. You may not want to soak the fruit prior to making the pudding. It’ll be less sweet (or if you do soak them, leave out the soak water! 🙂 Yummy delicious otherwise.

  8. Hello RV There Yetters –

    Sorry to hear of your Kentucky Welcome Center troubles listed above!

    Your lessons learned above are good advice. Stick to them but keep overnighting for free at the many places that welcome RV’ers!


  9. hello sky and john

    all is well here in nc ,temp. today around 72 to 80 in the sun.We received your beautiful card it was very nice to brag about you two at the Italian pot luck ,how convient to get it on that day ,lol,needless to say all here were impressed with your beautiful smiles and great bodies u were a wow lots love hugs and kisses
    mom dawson and wally

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  11. Hi
    All I can suggest is that you write, write, write. I am behind, so am heeding my own advice. Just keep writing and look up resources on the web for tutorials in taking your writing skills and making an online blog. This guy on youTube is great for his tutorials: Conutant.
    Good luck!

  12. I’m in an RV for 6 weeks for the firs time and really really want to use my Vitamix but don’t want to blow all the fuses or switches I’n not even sure what would happen but should I just turn off EVERYTHING and give it a whirl? thanks!

    • Hi there! I’ve used my Vitamix no problem whilst rVing. What sort of hookup do you have? Ever when plugged in to 15V shore power, it’s been no problem, AS LONG as I turn everything else off. That includes furnace or A/C, tv, etc. We have a volt meter that I keep an eye on, so if it looks dangerously low, I won’t bother. But it’s really never been a problem, except when I forget to turn something else off. The Vitamix is almost no different than a toaster, when it comes to drawing electricity, to be honest! Give it a whirl :). The only thing you’ve got to lose is NOT using your Vitamix. I’d be lost without it.

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  15. ✥ The lotus flower also bears symbolism in Chinese culture. People in China love the flower for its purity and dignity. The beauty of this flower inspires artworks, poems, architecture, and design in Chinese culture. The lotus grows elegantly out of the muddy waters, unaffected and untouched by dirt and impurities, so it is considered supreme among all flowers, and is often compared to a person with strong virtues and moral values. In traditional Chinese culture, Bing Di Lian, meaning “twin lotus flowers on one stalk” is used to refer to a married couple. ✥ In Christianity, lotus is replaced by the white water lily. It is sacred and associated with the holy mother Mary. It represents divinity, holiness, purity, and fertility. In most of the Christian churches, white lily is depicted as the emblem of the Annunciation by Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. ✥ Since several parts of a lotus are edible, the Native Americans defined this flower as the ultimate power of the sun, to transform energy into food. ✥ In modern times, lotus is one of the most popular flowers, to be used for tattooing, mainly due to the meanings attached to it. A lotus tattoo signifies that it is always possible to overcome the trials and tribulations of life to attain fulfillment and perfection. ✥ The lotus flower is revered by the Taoists as well. In the Taoist culture, the flower signifies a way of life based on morality, purity, wisdom, and harmony. To sum up, lotus is one of the few flowers that has fascinated mankind from time immemorial, with its exotic and mysterious beauty. Lotus also inspires the human mind to achieve perfection, even in the adversities of life.

  16. Oh Sky! How often have I found myself in a similar situation. Emotions coursing through me & fear sealing my lips lest I make a “fool” of myself. I understand why sleep was evading you last night. Just know that you are not alone & what a beautiful lesson you have shared with us.
    “The brave may not live forever, but the timid never live at all”. Wonderful!

  17. Really great post Sky. And yes, it’s been a crazy week of drama and near misses. It’s been awhile since I stopped by your blog. Sorry. It’s a really good point you make. I myself have to always step away from a conversation. I have lots of missed opportunities to say what I think, but sometimes, it’s just not worth it or it will fall on deaf ears. You have to ask yourself, will you feel better by saying this? most of the time, no I won’t. And sometimes, I can get mean if I’m angered by what I hear.

    Hope you both are doing well. Miss you.

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  21. We travel with:
    4 laptops,
    3 large ipads,
    2 minis,
    3 iphones,
    3 android phones,
    1 kindle,
    4 external hard drives/backup drives,
    a keyboard for the mini’s,
    an average sized Cannon camera,
    and a Vitamix.
    All in carry on bags. And there are 5 of us and 5 carry on bags + 5 carry on backpacks that we are allowed on board.

    **however – if it wasn’t a crucial part of our business, we would not be traveling with all of that! (nor would we own half of that even)

    • Who the heck carries the VitaMix? 🙂 Laptops are heavy enough. Wow! I want to see the bags you use. Any pictures or links for me to see them? Thanks for sharing Vesna. You guys are truly inspiring. Now I understand why you travel with 3 children. Pack mules! ;p

  22. We’ve managed a couple trips with just an iPad and the ZAAG bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard also serves as a protective case and as a stand for watching movies/flicking through magazines 🙂 The keyboard itself is big enough to feel like a real typing experience and it holds a charge for quite a while.

    Good luck with packing light… it’s a serious challenge!

  23. Hope you guys have a wonderful trip! I’m envious of your travelling – something I always said I would continue to do and unfortunately have stopped over the last couple of years 🙁

    I am trying to figure out a way to bring it back and make it part of my life again, but for the time being I’ll have to live vicariously through some of my friends adventures! Like you it has nothing to do with fear, just go for it was my attitude, regardless of what people thought about a “girl” traveling alone. When I was younger I always had one bag packed ready to go, and some of my best vacations were the ones I took alone! I use to troll the then printed travel magazines flipping through the pages trying to decide my next destination.

    I suppose it’s about choices, and I am questioning some of the ones I’ve made over the last couple of years. Many times I feel like a caged lion pacing back and forth inside my townhouse in the burbs thinking…this is not what I want. Its true we are taught that we need to make money and accumulate “stuff” in order to prove our success? But what for, and for whom? It certainly doesn’t make me feel any richer to have all this stuff, on the contrary, I feel more trapped because stuff comes with expenses and stuff needs to be taken care of. You pay big bucks to have stuff, but once it’s there…

    If money was no object, I would absolutely travel the world and learn and see and smell as much as I possibly can. I would visit the jungles and rain forest before there is nothing left. I would dive off mountain cliffs in Hawaii because it’s always been on my “to do” list. I would find a way to see gorillas in the wild before they are all poached to death. I would ride camels and ostriches’ just for the fun! I would dive the barrier reef before its barren and left in ruins. I would smell the food and fresh produce sold in the outdoor markets of European villages. Yup there is tons of stuff I still want to do… Back in the day the only reason I worked was to afford to travel as much and as often as possible – work hard play harder was my motto.

    Somewhere along the line the focus got blurred and well as he said I’m miserable! … I am “doing things I don’t like doing in order to go on living!” But this is not living…getting up every morning to go do something I don’t really like just to pay the bills is just plain SAD.

    What do I desire? I desire to make a change as soon as possible and get back to living & crossing things off my bucket list. Today, I desire to get the hell away from the ice, the cold, winter and the uneventful suburban living … cuz, this just ain’t me!

    Thanks for sharing this info and have a wonderful trip!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Deb. I understand about the power of things and the cost and hold it has. I have travelled for so long. And over the years continue to accumulate stuff and leave in storage. It’s all quite overwhelming if I even begin to think about how to deal with it all. Baby steps. In the interim, I tuck it away and don’t let it weigh me down. It would be incredibly freeing to release it all, and through the profits of selling, travel even more!

      Travel doesn’t have to be so expensive that it mitigates you from following your dreams. There are so many ways to realize your visions! I travelled the world in my twenties on very little money. Worked my way through with packing et al and managed to get my private pilots license on this kind of budget, all the while skydiving and having the most amazing life adventure. And so it continues. It’s just a matter of how much are you willing to give up for your dreams? I know that you have it in you Deb!! One life, many loves, many chances. My dubbed saying: ‘Live it, Love it, Kick it.’ For all you’ve got. Don’t let your dreams die! Breath it all in and just go for it. After pursuing your dreams, yOu’ll never die saying “I wish that I hadn’t …..”