Moving, shifting and challenges

The better part of the past 2 days has been spent packing up Jean’s belongings in a tighter and more efficient manner so that we could store them downstairs in the apartment’s storage locker. We find it important to make this 1 bedroom corner suite “our home” and that means effectively communicating what our desires and needs are. Not always easy and definitely a challenge, but we’re slowly moving through it. And at this moment, we have managed to organize ‘our’ apartment (not certain yet on this particular detail as the landlord isn’t quite clear on how we will proceed) quite decoratively and with a feng shui style that pleases us both. I’m trying really hard not to become too attached to this lovely well-lit space that we call our own, for the moment, but it is proving to be difficult … we love the colours (orange and yellow and red!), the space, the proximity to everything (we’re practically downtown) and the view.

One day at a time, flow and jive …. ohmmmmmmmm.

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