Movie a ga-ga

It was a long, long full 8 hour day working at community Health Foods, but it truly paid off in one way! I received my first pay check :). However, they forgot to send me my staff 10% discount card with my pay stub. I wasn’t too thrilled about that as I wanted to get a full shop in this evening with my lovely. Well, after prodding a bit, my Supervisor offered to let me use her discount card; the bonus with that is she gets 20%! As soon as I heard this, I quickly called slaDE~ and had him think of what extra things we could buy to make use of this bonus good fortune. I ended up buying some pretty pricey items that I’ve wanted for a bit, but have been reluctant to purchase, until now ;).

We really hadn’t had the chance to go out for dinner and a date in celebration of our mass-iversary (monthly anniversary; mas = month, in spanish), so agreed to make it for this evening. After strolling home at a tired and leisurely pace, I caught my second wind on noticing the times for potential movies … Basically we had 20 minutes to get to where we wanted to be in order to catch the early show … I wasn’t certain on whether I could find a 3rd wind for a later evening performance. So hightail it we did, walking downtown to the retro Uptown Stage & Screen cinema. On the menu: “The Last King of Scotland”. What an incredibly stark and disturbing look into the world of Idi Amin, Uganda’s political psychopathic ruler in the 70’s (until 1979). I was pretty much reeling after bearing witness to this macabre unfolding of a tale … and wanting to lighten the sensory overload, we decided to followup our cinema experience with a fantastical adult fairy-tale … Pan’s Labyrinth.

I’ve never been an admirer of on (or off)-screen violence, of any sort. And after our first movie of horrific savagery (images of Guatemalan stories of Civil Warfare come to mind), I was blindsided by the unexpected sadism that was developed into the story-line of Pan’s Labyrinth. However, I was truly enthralled by the adult fairytale. Immensely entertaining special eFX and really, apart from the violence, an entertaining story that left me guessing until the end.

Made for some interesting dreams, and images and portions of both movies have stayed with me … not sure if that is a good thing or not?!

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