Move, move, walk that body

I’m rather tired of feeling not moving my body as I used to when settled in Calgary. I had a regular routine of exercise and yoga that kept me alert, energized and fit. I’m feeling that slip away …. a role I’m not willing to take on. So today I started a new step in the right direction. Always one to love walking, I’ve decided to utilize my love of movement and start a daily ‘Walk Slim’ program. Following several walking dvds (Leslie Sansone’s “3 Fast Miles” & Prevention‘s  “Ultimate Walking Workout“), I have no excuse to not move my body, whether inside or outside in nature. I wasn’t sure how well that would work within the limited confines of our Airstream, but so far so good!

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  1. Hi There.
    I was talking to Vicki on wed she was asking how you were doing.
    I told you ywo living your dream.
    Your job was posted yeaterday, just in case you wanted to come back home to the life of 8-4:30 ha ha…
    Well the weather has turned cold today, trying to snow.
    So IU have decided it is time to clean out my office.
    Truley is getting a little scare in here.
    Why does one hold on to every single slip of paper, cash register receipt.
    I never add up what I spend a month to change my spending habits.
    Books and more books coming out of my ears.
    I guss one starts with piles what to give to charity and what to toss away and go from there and at the end of the day hope there is less in the keep pile than what is going out to be recycled.

    love hearing about your adventures take care of one another missing you.
    lve always Connie

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