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Mosquito Gah!

It was time to be moving on from Verona. Our wonderful hosts were in the throes of selling their house. An open house was scheduled for the weekend and unexpected potential buyers were calling up the real estate agents and asking for spontaneous visits. Our trailer, although beautiful and shiny, was partially parked on the front lawn and although a mighty fine-looking piece of history, I imagine it to be an eyesore in the saleability of their home. The 100 way record attempts would start on Monday. Indeed, time to ready up our house and go. Skydive Gananoque was only a 45 minute drive away, so by mid afternoon, slaDE gifted his Mom with a yogaFLIGHT and we jetted off in towards a bountiful horizon of giant puffy clouds (luckily, the deluge of rain had stopped momentarily — I’m not fond of travelling in a downpour).

Skydive Gananoque is set amongst the scenic Thousand Islands (the one time that I have jumped here was incredibly beautiful). Gananoque (pronounced GAN-AN-OCK-WAY) houses an incredibly large and stoic World War II hangar, covered in old cedar shake shingles. The drop zone boasts a large 384 acre triangulated landing area. I’m kind of wishing that the 100 way was here … love the large area for landing 100 airborne canopies at the same time. Fortunately, we parked and hooked up electricity to our trailer before the onslaught of rain (they’ve had their share of stormy weather here with a gaping wound in the roof housing a waterfall of activity). But what caught me off guard was returning to our trailer mid-storm and finding myself in ankle-deep standing water. So much for my tennis shoes. :/ Unexpected also was the terrifying onslaught of pesky mosquitoes! A small swarm managed to make their way in to our trailer during our entrance, and I spent the night annoyingly shooing them away, resident pincushion. Heavenly for them, not so much for me. I have the red welts to prove it … yikes! One thing I haven’t missed about Ontario … the insects.

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