Maniacal Monday

The folks of SDH are hard-core Jagermeister drinkers. Personally, I can’t stand the taste of this liquor … it’s sickly sweet with overtones of liquorice. Ewwww! But the weather was foul and Maniacal Monday was planned. slaDE~ was keen to jump on board.

The rules go as such: at 1:11 pm = 1 shot of Jager; 2:22pm = 2 shots of Jager; 3:33 pm = 3 shots of Jager; 4:44 pm = 4 shots of Jager and at 5:55 pm = 5 shots of Jager. With the amount that I drink, I’d be on the floor, blitzed beyond comprehension or throwing up from the overdose of alcohol to blood content (if I had joined in).

And, believe it or not, the participants drank beer along the way, and well in to the evening (considering they were done the game before darkness had even fell!). Glad to watch from the sidelines, and be amused by the crazy antics of Team Jager and company :), especially when we’re cruising around on the golf cart!

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