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Holiday Lights

I love the simple joys of having a home that provides solace and comfort when the weather outside is blustery and cold. Today was a perfect day to read, write and catch up on internet surfing within the warm confines of our Airstream. The Arctic blast continues to cast its reaches beyond the Outer Banks, sinking down as far as Florida with its icy outstretched fingers and chill. I get shivers even thinking and writing about it! But after a day of stagnant mobility, my body was in need of a good stretch, even if for a short distance. I’ve come to listen to my body more carefully, trusting in the experience of my injuries and yoga education, and tonight was no exception. So with camera in hand, I slowly and cautiously circled the pitch dark neighbourhood block several times, admiring the brilliant holiday decorations in the dark cloudy night chill, bundled from head to toe, hoping to capture the essence of Christmas with our new DSLR camera.

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