Hockey night in Calgary

Hockey night in CalgaryIt’s been years since I’ve seen slaDE~ play hockey on a regular ‘team’, and having missed his first 2 games, I wanted to cheer him on.

Well, the shinny turnout was pretty dismal (7 guys), and at $265/hr for ice time, that makes for a pretty expensive hobby of shooting a puck around! But these men were determined to make the most of the empty rink and I still was able to cheer the guys on (accompanied by our friends Rob & Robin).

We sat huddled in the stands, with a carafe of hot chocolate, hard as nails mini-marshmallows and dunking cookies, whooping and hollering, enjoying our 11pm game. The bonus: I managed to skilfully jockey the puck around with slaDE~ on the ice, without falling down. Hurrah!! So good to see him happy and in his element.

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  1. Good for him! The healthy benefit from playing hockey is of course the exercise! Tim and I have recently began cycling – and I’ve already dropped 4 pounds! It’s great to be able to do something together – since I didn’t take to the skydiving thing! Hope you guys are well! Love, Andrea.

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