Guatemalan festivities

As is true of every Friday night at Juan Sissay, again this week we had a Graduation party, with a twist – at the school we cooked a typical Guatemalan meal prior to the official ‘ceremony’. I loved the sangria (a steaming ‘Guatemalan tea’ which acts more like a desert/meal) made up of a tasty tropical fruit salad that was boiled and brought to life even further with leaves of lemongrass and a giant splash of rum (if we so chose)! Wilberth was in charge of the decorations, so after the meal was underway, I helped to cre8tive a festive mood with simple but lovely decorations. A lovely evening was had by all, but as usual, I left earlier than most and slipped away early so as to get a good nights sleep in, in preparation for a weekend away at the Lake.

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