Girlfriends Weekend

GirlfriendsOne thing that I’ve missed, living on the road, is my true-blue girlfriends. Surely, I love my husband, and living 24-7 with him in our 34.5 foot Airstream, as we travel North America, is an exciting adventure. But there comes a time that I need the camaraderie and loving comfort of my gal-pals. Whilst hubby went to spend some time with family, I opted to attend my dear friend Lisa’s wedding shower with my other bestest girl Sandy.

Visiting Sandy is always an amazing adventure in itself … as a single Mother, she raises two sets of twins whilst attending school full-time. To me, Sandy epitomizes her lifestyle, with the potential for grandiose chaos, into a seamless juggling act that boggles my mind and puts my own life habits to shame!

Nico yogaFLIGHT

I’m certain that the help of her amazingly talented partner (can you say: guitar-builder, wooden ring maker, techno-geek, seamstress, engineer, handyman extraordinaire, etc.) oils the wheels of organization and mobility, but huge kudos to a woman who has to ability to multi-task in astonishing proportions (perhaps that’s why she excels so well in the sciences and maths whilst being a creative eco-conscious force beyond measure). Phew! I’m tired just after writing all of this :).

And so the weekend began, with a glorious bike ride through the University of Buffalo — that is until my knee started giving me grief. Put me on a treadmill all day anyday, but once I start to cycle through the motions of knee-bending beyond a certain angle (especially with a bicycle seat that is too short), my years of packing parachutes on concrete floors without knee-pads comes to the forefront. Thankfully, I was able to stop and rest (body pain = time to listen to my body NOW). ┬áTad happily fetched us to transport us home, just in time for the wedding shower. See photos below of a weekend so filled with activity, I am certain that photos speak louder than words.

Sandy & bosNoah and me

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