Days of meaning, memories of splendour

slaDE~ & II woke up this morning, naturally falling into wakefulness. I lie still for breathless moments, contemplating today’s special meaning. And with that, my husband gently nudged my eyes open with 40 precious kisses. With these moments of simplistic grandeur, I came to the conclusion that I was proud to have lived many full lives within the short span of my lifetime. Forget the saying that it’s all downhill from here. Bah humbug!

Yes, 40 years have come and gone, and I have accomplished so very very much, living, laughing and loving the whole energetic blessed way (sometimes screaming, as well). At times, I feel guilty to have experienced the vastness of rich history which spells out my lifetime. But understanding the intricate nature of the lives we weave, I will breathe every moment in and savour the beauty that surrounds me for what it is, taking one step at a time, inch by inch, reveling in the glory of life after 4tee.

Lunchtime brought its own joy, with my husband fetching me a lovely bouquet of colourful flowers, hand-delivering them (all during the span of a limited precious 30 minute break), sealed with a kiss. So thoughtful and romantic :>}.

Costa Rica yoga retreatReturning home held for me double the pleasure, where both my husband and our sweet friend Bill (joyously dubbed, my boyfriend) awaited my return, with cherished cards and gifts that made me roar with laughter and surprise! I was content with slaDE~s gifting of his lovely bouquet, but to top the day off, he bestowed me with a cre8tively artistic card offering a week of Yoga and Surfing on retreat in Costa Rica, this November! WoW , WoW, WoW. I was blown away … also torn, to be honest. I know that this potentially could be a solo vacation, as slaDE is indecisive about whether to join me or to participate in a one week yoga teacher training here in Calgary. Both sound like divine opportunities to me, and slaDE~s choosing will be a very difficult decision. Although we could afford to do both, taking that much time off of work is not really a desirable option, at the moment, with our dreams so tangibly close and savings a priority. With the deadline of signup only a week away, a decision must be made soon! Stay tooned :).

Lindsey, Bill & slaDE~Of all the last minutes invitations sent out to our informal dinner invitiation, a few of the people closest to me in my life {here in Calgary, that is} graced me with their presence …. we had an incredibly delectable intimate gathering at the Chili Club Thai House. What an aMAZing splendid restaurant! The food was irresistible and the company was tremendously enlightening. I know that Bill and Lindsey have forged a lasting friendship during a delightful evening of laughter and stories.

As the clock nears midnight, I revel in the memories that today held … too many to be recorded, but an incredible birthday it was … one I will not soon forget!

Lindsey & I
Lindsey, Bill & I
My husband and boyfriend!

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