Cushions, cushions everywhere!

Second day of cleaning the Airstream, inside and out, making it our own and starting anew, fresh and clean. We rented a rug shampooer / upholstery cleaner today and emptied all 26 trailer cushions into the band room in the barn. slaDE~ cranked up the wood stove (36 degrees Celsius last time we checked) and we spent hours cleaning every surface, sucking up a ton of dirt and grime. Quite surprising (and icky) actually! The cushions will hopefully dry completely overnight. The trailer floor may take even longer. But yes, so worth the effort. Tomorrow poses the next big job …. cleaning 3 vehicles with the rental steamer before returning it.

My secret to enviro-clean in such a cleaner? 1 part vinegar to 1 part water and lots of yummy essential oils to disinfect. High five to my husband for all the hard work we accomplished today; we are the smooth functioning green team machine.

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