Comedy a no-no

Freecycle is unique in that you never know what can be stumbled upon. I actually saw an ad a few days ago for a 1964 Mercedes Benz … I was on it like a bee to honey, but the possibility, with 5000 Calgary members, is that there might be someone quicker than you in responding to the object of your desire (and there is no guarantee that the first respondent is going to get it anyway, depending on the story you weave / your request).

Seeing an ad for free ‘Comedy Cave‘ tickets led me to respond with the usual tenacity I have when I see an item of interest. I was happy to be the recipient of these tickets, and more than enthusiastic to share in a night of laughter with 2 other friends. SlaDE~ and I invited our partners in crime Rob and Robin from the LRC Community. We met at the venue and treated them to a spare rib dinner prior to the show start.

The show itself started out funny enough with two hilarious improv artists stirring up gregarious laughter (with only 12 people in the audience this quiet Tuesday evening) amongst us. But then they brought on “The Avocado Doctor’, who blew us away with boredom and disbelief, as he performed a skin graft from a lemon to a banana. And then to follow, on the other spectrum, was a crude rude un-funny dude named ‘Daddy Makk’ who started out as a promising means of mindless entertainment but crossed the line, in my mind, and starting dissing David Suzuki, Al Gore and the Global Warming crisis. None of us found it mildly amusing, and contained ourselves from walking out mid-performance. The rib dinner was about as spectacular. To be honest, our company was far better value in our evening out than the experience of the ‘Cave’. Not sure if we’ll dabble with those comedy dudes again. Once bitten, twice shy = no-no a no-go.

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