Celebrating 1000

What a glorious day to celebrate a New Year …. jumping with slaDE on his 1000th skydive, along with 13 other friends. I was there with him from the beginning of his AFF progression, right through to today. How fantastic! Traditionally, when a skydiver has a big anniversary jump, they 1) buy beer and 2) get creamed with a pie. No pictures YET. But baby better be ready :).

The photo to the left was taken after my beautiful husband completed his first AFF jump. That was back in 2002. 8+ years later and 1000 more jumps under his belt, he is still as passionate about his skydiving career as his first day of freefalling from an airplane. FANTASTIC! We completed a 13 way RW skydive (to the right, copyright Pat Calandra) for slaDE~s 1000th jump (which also happened to be TK Haye’s 50th birthday). FUN!

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