May 2019
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Acro Yoga, Montreal style

It was crappy weather here again in the morning … no chance of a hop and pop, so we headed in to Montreal for the Sunday afternoon Acro Yoga jam. Normally Eugene Poku and Jessie Golberg run the 2 hour jam, but today, we briefly met them on leaving the studio (they had a wedding […]

More Memories

There have been many places I’ve lived and loved, wanting to bring home a piece of the regions essence and beauty with me. Oh how I remember the days before digital cameras, ebook readers, mp3 players and email. Nowadays, travel is so much more compact, friendly and sharable! In my fledgling days of world travel, […]

Return from Paradise

Both slaDE~ and I were excited about waking at the crack of dawn to watch the sun crest the ocean horizon. Unfortunately, what has become a common occurrence here on holiday, I awoke at 3am fully alert, twiddling my thumbs, random mundane thoughts rampant in my brain, tumbling like a dryer full of static […]

Nesting and Settling

slaDE and I joined our friends David and Kelly from KittyHawk North Carolina for breakfast, after we packed up our belongings. Today was our departure day from Pedro’s Inn after a lovely 2.5 week stay. We feel very blessed that we were gifted with such inexpensive accommodation (the equivalent of our months rent in Calgary) […]

Diving to New Depths

As a recreational divers, I have enjoyed our shallow offshore reef dives, having an amazing experience viewing a large variety of sea life and coral. The shallow diving around Ambergris is spur-and-groove with some deep canyons, swim throughs and reef cuts. Night diving is also popular.

On our 2 dives today (Tuffey’s Canyon and Esmeraldo), […]

Recovering and Shifting

After a complete day of pure adrenaline, flight and fancy, I was in desperate need of grounding and connecting with myself. To find stillness in the gentle breeze which shape-shifts around and through me, my state of calm quiet solitude spiked with epiphanies of glee from yesterday’s adventures. It’s interesting to return from a place […]

Fun in Caye Caulker

I feel completely and utterly privileged each time I make a jump here in Belize. The views are breathtaking beyond imagination and description. The blues, turquoises, greens and coral whites of the Belizean ocean (Caribbean Sea) depict an oil painter’s palate that moulds, shifts and changes, fluidity of colours enmeshed together. Photographs can barely do […]


Xunantunich (pronounced shoo-NAHN-too-nich) is a Mayan archaeological site in western Belize, about 80 miles west of Belize City in the Cayo District atop a ridge above the Mopan River. The Mayan name means “Stone Woman”.

Getting to Xunantunich was easy enough for us this morning. We ‘commissioned’ our host John to drive us to the […]

Journey to Mainland Belize

Today we decided to grab the early morning 90 minute water taxi over to Belize City. We only had 2 days to spare on our busy schedule, so visiting several Mayan archaeological sites in the heart of the country best suited our desires and time constraints. We opted to visit San Ignacio, a mere 9 […]

The Artist Resides Everywhere

I awoke bright and early, wanting to capture the first glimpses of a sunrise, sun peaking above the ocean horizon. Fisherman waited patiently hoping to catch some tasty delights. A walk south along the beach filled my morning, discovery upon discovery stirring the awe-struck photographer within me. Exotic flowers filled my nostrils with glorious scent, […]