October 2020
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Crossing Over

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep or the warm molasses sunshiny spring day, but readying the Airstream seemed to take forever and a day. We started mid-morning, and I perpetually caught myself in a time lag of sorts (such as feeling like it should have been 11pm, not 11am), stumbling through the waking hours, […]

Winding Up, Winding Down

Saturday. The weekend! Most people are winding down, relaxing and settling into a comfortable groove. Me, today I’m revving up for the big finish. Tomorrow morning was our designated departure time for hitching up the Airstream, meeting up with Richie, our nephew, for brunch before making our way to Ohio for Alumapalooza 2011. For me, […]

The Home Stretch

Today I am on the last stretch to organizing and completing the cubby hole task. It’s been quite the long-winded venture, and for the most part I’m accomplished a heavy hearty burden that’s been a long time in the making. Phew, feels good. Have to finish first though 🙂 Thanks to my beautiful hubby for […]


Beyond the confines of my mini-world exists a much larger picture of those around me. Of the valuable lessons that I continually learn from slaDE, one of the biggest messages I see ever apparent is the importance of connection with those around me, especially with those who I am blessed to love. I sometimes battle […]

My Go-To Friend

A challenging day for slaDE and myself, and our sense of patience and communication. I spent a good portion of the evening last night holed up in the cubby, shifting and organizing, trying to rein in the loose items as best as I could. But today, hubby and I clashed about my definition of containment. […]

Diving to New Depths

As a recreational divers, I have enjoyed our shallow offshore reef dives, having an amazing experience viewing a large variety of sea life and coral. The shallow diving around Ambergris is spur-and-groove with some deep canyons, swim throughs and reef cuts. Night diving is also popular.

On our 2 dives today (Tuffey’s Canyon and Esmeraldo), […]

Adventures By the Sea

A quiet windy day by the pool. So windy that slaDE~ wasn’t able to get his 2 scuba dives in due to the strong current and waves. Patiently he waited, studying for his scuba quizzes and Padi final exam. And with flying colours, he excelled to the point of only needing to finish his remaining […]

14 years, Scuba Revisited

The quiet before the storm. Such a dream-like rush. Fluidity encompassed. Yet the exhilaration of past dives came crashing down upon me, toppling me and overthrowing my senses with a fierce wave of emotion. Feelings of fear, delight, joyous lightness, trepidation and downright terror filled my every senses. My close call with death as a […]

Skydiving Pleasures Over Belize

Belize is ‘unBelizeable’. It’s so beautiful and full of brilliant seaside character. A perfect tropical island getaway, and that’s before getting in to the air and skydiving. I did 3 jumps today from the Pac (supplied by Ray Farrel) and had the most heavenly experience and views. I was transfixed by the beauty of the […]

Cheezy and Raw

A rainy day … great for adventures in shopping and dining with our friend Minna! Our friends, the Calandras, headed home today, so we thought we’d honour Tommy with a sendoff photo at Wal-Mart. The ‘Cheese’, as it’s lovingly displayed by my silly husband :). The true adventure began however at my favourite salad bar […]