June 2019
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Cutting It Close

slaDE and I went in to Tampa to pick up our friend Boz from the airport, after which we had dinner with our Alumapalooza friends. What an interesting experience that was, driving through the airport parking garage. On entrance, the clearance bar claimed that the garage was only available to vehicles that were 6’8″ or […]

Southward Bound to Florida

I’m finding it challenging to find expediency in packing up after settling in at a place for longer than 3 days. It’s at this stage where we’ve settled in and found homes for our ‘stuff’. But in order to travel efficiently and without movement of the Airstream’s innards, everything needs to have a place and […]

Zooming in on the Outer Banks

After having spent a cozy comfy WARM evening sleeping on the leather FBO couches of Franklin Airport, slaDE~ and I were anxious to make our way west towards the Outer Banks (commonly referred to as the OBX). Wanting to wish our amazing hosts a fond farewell, we made our way over to the drop zone […]

Falling snow

In truth, I love the visuals of snow. Such perfection encapsulated in a tiny molecular structure, frozen in a moment of time. When it falls in bulk, the winter wonderland vision is what fairy tales are made of. Pure and white and COLD. This is where my gripe comes with these little atmospheric ice buggers […]

A North Carolina Thanksgiving

Oh blessed be … spending a day of Thanksgiving providing service to those in need. It’s in giving that we most receive. Okay, that sounds like a verse from my Catholic bible days, but in truth, there is much validity in the statement about volunteering.

slaDE and I spent the day with our Frontier […]

Road Trip choices

Jamie Oliver has been encouraging and motivating people around the world to change their diet and lifestyle. The blog by Canadian Karen ,”The Scattered Mom”, is one such example of a motivated Mother searching for healthy choices within her family and travelling lifestyle.

Karen’s inventory below is truly an inspiring checklist to follow on […]

There's No Place Like Oz

Two days and two nights at Freefall Oz / Oz Homestay Bed & Breakfast was absolutely delightful.

Seeing our old friends Ash and Celeine was an incredible treat, especially with the skilled cooking talents of Australian Ash and the shiny bright smiles & hugs from Celeine.

Ash may not be classified as a chef, […]

The rocky road to heaven can be found in ice cream

Again we started out the day with intentions to head eastwards for our friends in Ceres New York. However, our start was later than expected, and by the time we were hooked up, ready to depart, it was well mid-morning. All hitched up, goodbyes completed and ready to go, but with one small glitch … […]

Manifesting a dream

Day 4 of Alumapalooza:

Although it’s Friday and it feels that things should be ramping uP with the start of the weekend, Alumapalooza seems to be winding down for me. Perhaps because I know that, come Sunday morning early, the bulk of Airstreamers will hitch themselves up and hit the road in pursuit […]

Flying J: Change of Dump Policy

I was really discouraged to hear about this news in one of my RV newsletters … Flying J will no longer offer free dump station services at their Travel Plazas.

Over the past 7 months, Flying J has saved our butts (sorry for the foul pun) many times along the road when we needed to […]