May 2020
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A Duality of Sorts

I find myself holding back in my writing, in part by my desire to fill this blog with beautiful photos and whimsical articles of education and delight. Yet my inability to provide is slogging me down. And I find myself 2 months behind in my writing. What happened? I was doing so well in keeping […]

The EX & Sitting

Today begins my shiftwork at the CNE (The Canadian National Exhibition). Several weeks ago, Skydive Toronto approached us to see if we (slaDE and myself) wanted to work during the 18 days of the Ex. With slaDE going back to work with Rebar, I felt that it was vitally important for me to also […]

Stylin’ Airstream lunchbox

This is a REALLY cool vintage heavy-duty lunchbox based on an all-time classic Airstream. Oh how I love our trailer! I would want to memorialise it as well as a piece of art if I could, and take it with me to work every day :).

I love how he made the propane tanks out […]

Our Home For The Summer

Oshawa and yoga. Not something I particularly had in mind for the summer. But after spending the morning with my sister (who attempted yogaFLIGHT for the first time!), we made our way from Alliston to Oshawa, a small city just east of Toronto. Why Oshawa you might ask? Well, slaDE and I have been brainstorming […]

The Best Laid Plans

We had arranged to stay in Sudbury until Thursday morning. However, the best laid plans and intentions can be turned upside-down. So we bid farewell to our host and happily drove off in to the sunset, enjoying a spontaneous visit with my sister for a few days. What a bonus to have unexpected quality time […]

Wedded Bliss

I love weddings. Not just because it is the union of two souls into one partnership. A lovefest per se …. a day of happiness, joy, family and friends, tremendous smiles and love with future ideals and goals set out on the table for all to see. In addition to these beautiful sentiments, weddings remind […]

Crossing Ontario

Long drive from Montreal to Sudbury. It was actually quite tough leaving Montreal, all our new friends, a couple of spectacular turbine Otter drop zones, some killer RW jumps and an optimal home base behind. But alas, our dear old friend Jovan was getting married in Sudbury. There were no ifs, ands or buts about […]

More Rain

Weaving our way to the drop zone north of Montreal, the day started beautifully with warm temperatures and sunny skies. The moat around our trailer had vanished, yet the mosquitoes remained, poised to attack. But not long after our departure, the rain set in again. Miraculously, and as if a sign, crossing the Quebec border, […]

Mosquito Gah!

It was time to be moving on from Verona. Our wonderful hosts were in the throes of selling their house. An open house was scheduled for the weekend and unexpected potential buyers were calling up the real estate agents and asking for spontaneous visits. Our trailer, although beautiful and shiny, was partially parked on the […]

Carlisle Tire Warranty

Today has been spent dealing with Carlisle Tire regarding our tire warranty. Turns out, we were unjustifiably charged for our new tires when it should have been a straight warranty exchange. Yvonne in the warranty department was truly accommodating, friendly and outstanding in her job. She gave us full warranty on the defective 1.5 year […]