September 2020
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Seasons of Change: Spring

Spring is definitely in the air. I love returning home to my parents’ farms. Fresh air and country living is splendidly beautiful at this time of year. The fields and grass lushly green from April showers, buds beginning to embellish the trees with foliage, birds frolicking amongst the freshly filled bird feeders, freshly laundered bedding […]

Project Laundry

There’s something about hanging out my clothing on the line, a beautiful day shining love and the natural bleaching goodness of the sun down upon my deepest of secret pleasures. Who could imagine being overjoyed at the thought of hanging laundry? I for one. Something about using Nature’s element to its fullest potential gives me […]

Are you prepared?

About this time last year, we meandered our way through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A crazy tourist mecca, but a beautiful part of the country nevertheless. I was reading this story about a Wastewater Treatment Plant spill in Gatlinburg Tennessee and couldn’t help but wonder, how does something […]

Life is a Beach

More beaches to explore with Siesta Key and Turtle Beach … parasailing, shell collecting, siesta fiesta (afternoon power nap), tube dude searching, Thai food savouring. All with the great company of our friends. It’s been an amazing week, and I’m somewhat sad to leave! Having an open invitation leaves me satisfied that more exploration and […]

Beaches and stuff

Two days in a row! What to do when it’s windy and non-skydiveable in Florida? Why throw an Aerobie around and then head to the beach, of course!

Clearwater Beach with Patrick and Tom Calandra was the choice for today’s adventure. Unexpectedly, the winds by the ocean were calm and […]

Composting Across America

Another super windy Zephyrhills day with a gorgeous sunset and the kiting of a base canopy to help pass the time beautifully! That and bury our compost in the forest.


Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Today on 12/21/10, the longest day of the year, I felt very blessed to experience the first full moon total lunar eclipse in 456 years that has fallen on the Winter Solstice. The last lunar eclipse (which I was also lucky enough to witness) fell on February 21, 2008. Tonight, the Moon appeared to glow […]

Starry-filled nights

It’s so amazing to step outside our Airstream on a clear dark night like tonight, witness all the gloriously bright stars, hear the whispering winds beckoning me to make a wish and send that love out in to the universe. I love the solitude of quiet nights especially where we are right now, feeling safe […]

Market Days

I love going to a Farmer’s Market, especially in the height of seasonal goodness! Every Friday morning in Port Colborne, when in town, I’ve been diligent about cruising the fresh produce stands of the local community farmers, recycled bags at hand, ready to reel in my healthy purchases.

And everywhere I […]

A Man-Made Disaster

Oil Spill Interrupted

“Marine biology and environmental experts said they feared the aggressive cleanup operation, during which oil has been set alight and oil-dispersing chemicals have been dumped into the sea, might be more damaging than the oil itself. …. The chemically cleaned up areas have taken the longest to recover and they are still […]