May 2019
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1 on 1-1-11

One jump IS more than plenty. I learned this lesson from Brian Germain a long time ago. And if for some reason I had the inability to ever skydive again, the jumps that I have made previously were enough to last me a lifetime of memories and joy. Sometimes we have the choice to quit […]

A Season of Change – Are We There Yet?

The clock ticks ever-closer to the dawn of the calendar changeover — December in to January, another year, another 12 months alive on this planet.

What are you going to do to welcome in this New Season and New Year?? Are you able to fully embrace what 2011 will hold? The unexpected, the change, the […]

Out of the darkness

It’s been such a strange, and at times, very emotionally dark week. Perhaps that’s why my body reacted so violently as it did? A way to show it’s unsavoury disharmony, reminding me that this life as we know it isn’t a dress rehearsal, and in a moment, life could be gone or turned upside […]

Lifted by the Wings of Grace

Feeling frustrated today. Willing and wanting my blog to be up-to-date. Lapsing further and deeper behind. So much to say, lots of lovely photographs to portray the events and good times. Not feeling the motivation to ink my thoughts so vividly, longing for my fingers to meander across the keyboard. Slowly, slowly. With patience and […]

Flight ... it's an Attitude

For me this past week, returning to Frontier was an emotional state of coming home. Arriving with a different mindset than from my last abrupt departure of flight. A walk down memory lane, a throw back to both the familiar and the pain, the gifts given to me and to my family of friends, both […]

Walk on the Beach

Presence. Being in the moment. Today was a time for breathing, stretching, yoga love and making the space available for new friends. And so shifted my normal state of focus from my work at hand to a glorious walk on the beach, chasing shadows and capturing the essence of life and death.

51 days and counting ... where does our personal responsibility lie?

“Some 25 million to 39 million gallons of oil are estimated to have gone into the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers.” Lest we forget, our oceans have no borders, boundaries or barrier walls. I’m of the belief that powerful ocean currents could potentially make […]

Airstream Inspiration

Lou has me inspired … I really love her cre8tive style for making cards and such. I think that I want to find me an Airstream etched stamp!

After a frolicking fun shop at Trader Joe’s with the girls, slaDE~ and I bid our ‘until we see you agains’ and made a pitstop at the […]

The rocky road to heaven can be found in ice cream

Again we started out the day with intentions to head eastwards for our friends in Ceres New York. However, our start was later than expected, and by the time we were hooked up, ready to depart, it was well mid-morning. All hitched up, goodbyes completed and ready to go, but with one small glitch … […]

Walkerton Water Tragedy -- 10 year Anniversary

Walkerton Ontario. Does the name sound familiar? 10 years ago this month, Walkerton was hit with an E. Coli outbreak within the local water supply that devastated this community and rocked our province / country. It also made Walkerton a household name. A first world country with E Coli water contamination, killing people? Impossible! Unfortunately […]