May 2019
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Our Home For The Summer

Oshawa and yoga. Not something I particularly had in mind for the summer. But after spending the morning with my sister (who attempted yogaFLIGHT for the first time!), we made our way from Alliston to Oshawa, a small city just east of Toronto. Why Oshawa you might ask? Well, slaDE and I have been brainstorming […]

A Perfect Unplanned Family Get-together

My sister is an Arborist … a really interesting career choice. I am a lover of trees and therefore admire greatly her vocation. By definition, an Arborist generally focuses on the health and safety of individual plants and trees. A child of the earth in the truest sense! Aaron’s days are very early … this […]

The Best Laid Plans

We had arranged to stay in Sudbury until Thursday morning. However, the best laid plans and intentions can be turned upside-down. So we bid farewell to our host and happily drove off in to the sunset, enjoying a spontaneous visit with my sister for a few days. What a bonus to have unexpected quality time […]

The Day After

Weddings can be extremely chaotic, busy and stressful for those involved. Having the opportunity to park our trailer next door to the bride and groom’s house was indeed a special treat, in that we were able to enjoy the company of Carrie and Jovan’s family after the business of the wedding had subsided. They leave […]

Crossing Ontario

Long drive from Montreal to Sudbury. It was actually quite tough leaving Montreal, all our new friends, a couple of spectacular turbine Otter drop zones, some killer RW jumps and an optimal home base behind. But alas, our dear old friend Jovan was getting married in Sudbury. There were no ifs, ands or buts about […]

Nouvel Air

Before the mad rush of an intense day of travel towards Sudbury, slaDE and I decided to spend the day unwinding and enjoying the delights of Nouvel Air (a dropzone 1 hour south of Montreal). Our friend and host Michel Lemay treated us to a late evening last night of conversation. But we were knackered […]

Mosquito Gah!

It was time to be moving on from Verona. Our wonderful hosts were in the throes of selling their house. An open house was scheduled for the weekend and unexpected potential buyers were calling up the real estate agents and asking for spontaneous visits. Our trailer, although beautiful and shiny, was partially parked on the […]

My Father, My Brother

A bittersweet day … a day of contemplation, thinking about my Dad and the lessons he taught me. Father’s Day. Dreaming of my Brother. Gone from us today for 23 years. He is so dearly missed. An Anniversary.

Both tremendous male influences in my life. Without them both, I would not be nearly the brave […]

Navigating Life’s Backcountry

Making our way from Lindsay towards Verona Ontario (30 minutes north of Kingston), I marvel at the feeling of expanse and raw nakedness that is apparent with the lakes, quarries, miles of towering trees and rocks, reminiscent of Northern Ontario. We’re taking the road less travelled, and I am struck by the ominous sense of […]


Elora is spectacular. Our current home away from home, where the village is perched on the edge of a dramatic gorge. Elora Gorge is a conservation area where the Grande and Irvine Rivers nestle the rugged terrain and rolling hills, making this area a magical and picturesque dream hideaway. The perfect spot for us to […]