May 2019
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Falling snow

In truth, I love the visuals of snow. Such perfection encapsulated in a tiny molecular structure, frozen in a moment of time. When it falls in bulk, the winter wonderland vision is what fairy tales are made of. Pure and white and COLD. This is where my gripe comes with these little atmospheric ice buggers […]

What is petroleum used in??

Continuing from my blog posting yesterday of our addiction to petroleum and the mess that’s been created in the Gulf, I wanted to break the discussion down in to a more tangible realistic portrayal of how oil is used in our everyday lives. And realistically, what can we do on an individual scale, as consumers, […]

A Man-Made Disaster

Oil Spill Interrupted

“Marine biology and environmental experts said they feared the aggressive cleanup operation, during which oil has been set alight and oil-dispersing chemicals have been dumped into the sea, might be more damaging than the oil itself. …. The chemically cleaned up areas have taken the longest to recover and they are still […]

51 days and counting ... where does our personal responsibility lie?

“Some 25 million to 39 million gallons of oil are estimated to have gone into the Gulf of Mexico since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers.” Lest we forget, our oceans have no borders, boundaries or barrier walls. I’m of the belief that powerful ocean currents could potentially make […]

Oil Slick Woes

I’ve held back on speaking of the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf. My heart is incredibly heavy, thinking about the dire damage to Mother Earth and the delicate ecosystem in our oceans, which WILL eventually filter up through our food and water chain. The desecration of our Ocean and the life contained within is […]

Airstream Spring Cleaning

1n June 2008, slaDE~ and I spontaneously bid and won our Airstream dream trailer off of eBay, about 6 weeks before our wedding. Although we stayed in our trailer during the wedding week whilst home on Dad’s Ontario farm, we really didn’t get a chance to explore it’s nuisances and beauty. Fast forward just over […]

Walkerton Water Tragedy -- 10 year Anniversary

Walkerton Ontario. Does the name sound familiar? 10 years ago this month, Walkerton was hit with an E. Coli outbreak within the local water supply that devastated this community and rocked our province / country. It also made Walkerton a household name. A first world country with E Coli water contamination, killing people? Impossible! Unfortunately […]

The Truth About Coffee Cups and Nothing But the Truth

Do you make a frequent trip to your favourite coffee shop [insert emporium of choice here], but feel somewhat guilty about the disposable cups you might use each visit, only to be pitched and unrecycled? This is an AWESOME way to recycle used coffee (paper) cups!

I’m a huge fan of saving Mother […]

Essential Oils and Herbs, in all their glory

That which exists in Nature will save us. All the high tech gadgetry and artificial replications of Nature’s tools will never replace what can be found living in our own backyards. Here’s a perfect example about the herb Thyme, as published in the UK Daily Mail:

Scientists have found that the common […]

Baking Soda Delights in the Kitchen

I love the fact that I can use natural and environmentally friendly products in the home to clean, cook, beautify and deodorize my world. Any part that I can do to reduce, reuse and recycle in the most efficient and least harmful manner is incredibly important to me. Some of my most used and favourite […]