September 2020
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Trashing Stupidity is Ok

I remember the times growing up when not wearing a seatbelt was pretty common, gravel running with a 2-4 was a Friday night gig, smoking in a vehicle with the windows up or in an office and bar was acceptable, and throwing one’s garbage out the window was a recurring sight. Times have certainly changed, […]

The Rain’s Entrance

The rain has finally come. Two months of no rain had cultivated a sense of worry regarding the water table levels . Conservation of the precious H2O here on the mountain has been a fervent plea expressed through the weekly web newsletter and with educational signs postered everywhere water is used (whether it be in […]

RV Dehumidifiers

With Ontario summer comes hot humid weather (or so it is at the moment!). Humidity and trailers don’t go together so well. Alas, comes the issue of humid closets and clothing. With moisture in freshly washed clothes comes a not-so-fresh smell several days later. So in order to tackle this, we needed some sort of […]


Elora is spectacular. Our current home away from home, where the village is perched on the edge of a dramatic gorge. Elora Gorge is a conservation area where the Grande and Irvine Rivers nestle the rugged terrain and rolling hills, making this area a magical and picturesque dream hideaway. The perfect spot for us to […]

Hard-hitting Alternatives Needed

After opening up the truck doors to my Father’s Chevy farm vehicle, the suppressing and triumphant chemical + dog smells exuding through the orifices of its openings almost knocked me over for dead. After a night of eco-friendly odour blockers, the smell of Febreze remained stubbornly intermingled with the sickly smell of wet dog. Time […]

Project Laundry

There’s something about hanging out my clothing on the line, a beautiful day shining love and the natural bleaching goodness of the sun down upon my deepest of secret pleasures. Who could imagine being overjoyed at the thought of hanging laundry? I for one. Something about using Nature’s element to its fullest potential gives me […]

Are you prepared?

About this time last year, we meandered our way through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A crazy tourist mecca, but a beautiful part of the country nevertheless. I was reading this story about a Wastewater Treatment Plant spill in Gatlinburg Tennessee and couldn’t help but wonder, how does something […]

Diving the Coral Reefs of Belize

Diving, flipping, open, carousing, barrel rolling, succulent open water dives. 2 of them. Tuffey and Victorian Canyons. The coral, spectacular. Life changing, breeding glorious vibrant life. It’s so important that we protect our coral reefs. Seeing them from underwater up close and personal gives new meaning to their beauty and importance. It’s a whole new […]

Composting Across America

Another super windy Zephyrhills day with a gorgeous sunset and the kiting of a base canopy to help pass the time beautifully! That and bury our compost in the forest.


Zephyrhills: Not So Recycle Friendly

My friend Minna and I went in to town, looking to replenish our grocery supplies, whilst hoping to find a place to recycle our glass bottles (aka lots of beer from the New Year’s celebrations) and Minna’s plastic ‘Zephyrhills Water’ bottles. After much querying and driving around town, we found one sole lonely recycling centre. […]