May 2019
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Carlisle Tire Warranty

Today has been spent dealing with Carlisle Tire regarding our tire warranty. Turns out, we were unjustifiably charged for our new tires when it should have been a straight warranty exchange. Yvonne in the warranty department was truly accommodating, friendly and outstanding in her job. She gave us full warranty on the defective 1.5 year […]

Navigating Life’s Backcountry

Making our way from Lindsay towards Verona Ontario (30 minutes north of Kingston), I marvel at the feeling of expanse and raw nakedness that is apparent with the lakes, quarries, miles of towering trees and rocks, reminiscent of Northern Ontario. We’re taking the road less travelled, and I am struck by the ominous sense of […]


Elora is spectacular. Our current home away from home, where the village is perched on the edge of a dramatic gorge. Elora Gorge is a conservation area where the Grande and Irvine Rivers nestle the rugged terrain and rolling hills, making this area a magical and picturesque dream hideaway. The perfect spot for us to […]

Leaving Ohio

The last few days have been wonderful hanging out with our Ohio friends. But alas, it is time to head back home to Canada. With a weekend in Elora first before heading to Kingston and then Montreal, I was in need of some quiet time amidst the flurry and business of visiting with friends and […]

Pelted On

The last week has featured such brilliant sunny weather, apart from a brief thunderstorm on our last evening of Alumapalooza, that the flood of darkness that quickly encompassed us with hail the size of a dime took me by surprise. Ohio is known for its extreme fluctuations in weather which could change in a heartbeat. […]

Fantastic Fans

We spent a good portion of the morning trying to figure out whether our Carlisle tires were covered under the 2 year warranty, and then sourced out a dealer that could adjust our current tires under said warranty with new tires (still undetermined until our chosen dealership, North Gateway Tire, looks at the tires). I […]

Carlisle Tire Failure

It’s always a bit sad leaving a large venue where tremendous connections with friends have been made. Such is my feeling in leaving Alumapalooza this year. So many new and wonderful friends made with the bonus of reconnecting with lovely friends from last years rally. However, we’ve had such a full month of activity and […]

Alumapalooza 2011 Final Day

What a full big day! With so many interesting opportunities to pursue today, I was torn between teaching our morning yoga class vs attending the SWAP Meet (think large flea market / garage sale, oriented towards RVers). slaDE was happy to lead the morning class through an hour of breathing and stretching. He even made […]

Healthy Living on the Road: Alumapalooza Workshop Notes 2011

As promised, here are the notes from our Healthy Living seminar at Alumapalooza 2011. We had such a great time at the seminar, offering tidbits on healthy lifestyle choices one can make (which we personally try to live by in our daily lives). I truly hope that you find some useful information here (Airstreamers, non-Airstreamers […]

Yoga and Healthy Living on the Road

With very little sleep and a lack of desired preparation for today’s ‘Healthy Living on the Road’ workshop, I was running on pure adrenaline in addition to being a wee bit nervous about standing up teaching about what I deem healthy choices in my life. slaDE was laid back and open to me being the […]