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Big Top Yoga

Day One officially began yesterday with the stream of Airstream die-hards starting to trickle in, arriving from all corners of North America (with California potentially being the farthest attendees). Today on ‘Day Two’ slaDE and I kicked off the event with our early morning yoga class in the big top tent. Much to our surprise, the tent wasn’t quite big enough for the ecstatic response of 51 participants. Not only were we blown away by the sheer number of students at our first class, Rich and Brett were surprised by the enthusiastic presence of both first-time and practiced yoga students. It was bloody fantastic! The influx of people started well-before the 8:45am scheduled class commencement. The plan for each day was to start at an off-hour established time allowing for people to trickle in, fill out waivers and settle in to their mat. 9am was our anticipated start time. Yet on our first day, people continued to sweep in while slaDE ran around the tent, expanding the flaps to create extra space for the growing mat population. He was like a mad butterfly flitting around, leaping with joy. His excitement was contagious and beautiful to watch. Young and old, on yoga mat, chair and towel almost overlapping: 51 students remained fully present, breathing and stretching. An hour of symbiotic flow that filled the tent beyond capacity with their energy, smiles and laughter. Warmth cascaded over our bodies with a gentle breeze caressing away any wants or cares in the world. It was our time, Airstreamers connecting on a deeper level of spirit emblazoned with bountiful beautiful expression. It’s amazing to witness yoga have such a compelling draw and effect, changing so many lives with the ability for vitality and creation to flourish.

The day continued as such with people drawn to yogaFLIGHT under the big top. Like a circus act with a tent to display our beauteous performance, yogaFLIGHT featured strongly throughout the day, curious bystanders drawn to the high-flying yoga postures open to everybody and every body. No person nor stereotype of what was deemed flexible / strong turned away. It took most by surprise with their ability to trust, be amazed and play.

Intermixed with the other workshops and events, our first kid’s workshop was attended well (with only half of the expected attendance here thus far at the rally). Through our limited experience of ‘yogifying’ with children, we have stumbled upon this concept: the secret to opening the door to playful abandon in kids yoga is to weave a story that focuses on the frolicsome aspects of movement and lighthearted abandon, capturing their imagination with a flow that guides them much like that of a yoga practice. Just a different style that leaps around with joyful exuberance. 🙂 I can honestly say, our first ever kids class was a tremendous success!

Here are my favourite photos from the yogaFLIGHT kid’s workshop #1:


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  1. The short answer is no. The long answer is that my parents, just under 8 miles away, have a big yard and we have had Rich & Eleanor park there in the past.

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