And the rain rolls in.

Dangerous cliffsSilken Capitola BluffsTSea weed beautyhis was our last day camping at New Brighton National Park beach. The luxury of time is on our side, yet again blessed with a new day. A time for multiple barefoot explorations and ease I say! The Capitola Bluffs compel me like a needy lover, and I am mesmerized by the beauty and deliciousness of their grandeur. I explore, alone, with my camera at the ready, anxious to discover the treasures that await. Guaranteed. Rain clouds ominous on the horizon, rolling in like the waves which re-dress the beach with each playful kiss. The best kind of lover. Slow, fast, steady, roaring. Ever-wanting, ever-changing.

Like a pixie with delicate wings a kilter, I explore the thundering surf, unearthing the delights of the ocean with a digital click. Light dances, creatures scamper and dart, birds hover in the wind as the zephyr howls with bellowing delight. The rain dances here and there, reluctant to stake a claim until certain I am tucked away in my caravan. And then it releases in full force, grateful for the cathartic blast. My timing is implicit! A half day of glorious adventures on the beach. Seacliff Beach houses the Palo Alto, an incredible concrete ship superstructure, an iconic remnant of glamourous amusements of the past, now a marine sanctuary, broken in its watery tomb. Photos are impossible to capture the true essence of natures beauty, yet I yearn to encapsulate the moment when my mind forgets that all is perfect in the world, just as she is.

Seacliff's Palo AltoAnd still the rain continues. We celebrate with a scrumptious dinner with our friend Pete, and share in drunken stories of glorious times of past and future travel, grounded in the present by the droning yet blanketing downpour.Safety at the beach

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