Akron Skydiving

Our intention this weekend wasn’t to jump out of planes, but rather to visit with our dear friends south of the border in New York state. However, we dare not travel without our skydiving gear in case an opportune moment arises and we’re able to leap like the lemmings that we are! Mike Maly was down to the last student jump needed for his tandem rating, so slaDE~ volunteered to take Mike for an unforgettable ride (as a passenger). As a tandem instructor himself, slaDE knows what is both desirable and highly unappealing in a student, so he could offer Mike many valuable tips and advice, first hand. So we made our way out to Akron airport and the day was spent skydiving, enjoying quality time with our friends. I even made a fun jump with Bill Z for his birthday. slaDE~ came along to spot, and having not spotted from a Cessna in quite some time, we landed out safely in the paddock. You had to be there to experience the hilariousness of the situation. It was quite comical :).

The afternoon was spent playing with Mikey in the park and enjoying time with our friends, loving a beautiful meal of crab legs and seafood kebabs!



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