May 2020
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A Season of Change – Are We There Yet?

The clock ticks ever-closer to the dawn of the calendar changeover — December in to January, another year, another 12 months alive on this planet.

What are you going to do to welcome in this New Season and New Year?? Are you able to fully embrace what 2011 will hold? The unexpected, the change, the fabulous, the good, the bad and the ugly? It’s all about choice. Rolling with the flow and accepting our fate as we set out to conquer the world, communicating honestly and with integrity. We have control only over our present moment and thoughts, and how we perceive the world and the situations we might find ourselves in. Can you breath through the chaos, laugh through the insanity, feel through the pain and sorrow, and embrace the happiness which might alight itself upon you? Easier said than done, you say!

Truly. Madly. Deeply. I feel and experience it, along with my weaknesses, my imperfections, my stumblings. Hoping to be responsible for / to it. I live it, daily. Not even close to perfection. But in the end, I keep breathing, hoping, praying.

  • Learn, Live, Love, Breath ……………………….. Redo. (and hopefully add a few laughs and yoga asanas mixed in with the equation)

My wish for you through this season of change:

  • embracing the unknown and changes of 2011,
  • finding freedom and independence in your strengths, successes and joys,
  • finding a clear vision of oneself that looks authentically at both what you are doing and how you are doing it every day,
  • accepting defeats with wisdom, patience and desire to overcome, shining a light on the deep corners inside of you,
  • sharing love to all, spreading peace and good fortune, and
  • asking for help when you might need it most.

Wishing you much joy and moments of happiness through out the holidays, and always, in all ways.

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