A New Year = New Adventures

2011 = Part 2 of our 2nd full year of Airstreaming a.go-go, where every day is a new beginning in our silver tube. No matter where we are on this planet, I seem to be able to find a reason to smile and marvel at each new day that blesses us with its presence. We travel in a gleaming plane-like aluminum bullet that is a constant with our ever-changing scenery. And I’m constantly reminded of the magnitude of this truly wonderful life. I have to pinch myself every so often at the ‘good fortune’ bestowed upon us. I’m wondering though, is it truly luck, or did this adventurous lifestyle result from choices made once we made a firm decision to pursue our dream of travel on the road? I suppose a bit of both, mixed in with a whole lotta courage to leap off of the hamster wheel without a parachute. There were definitive decisions and determined actions which helped us to save money like monks, squirrelling away the fruit of our hard-earned savings (5 jobs between the two of us), building networks and skills along the way.

It seems that one can’t make a road trip without simultaneously making an inner journey. I’ll forever be grateful to my husband for inspiring and coaxing me to join him in pursuing our Yoga Instructor ratings, despite my fears of teaching mixed with angst feelings of personal failure and mediocrity. I believe that each and every day, yoga makes my life better, whether it be through a physical practice, or on a subtler scale, returning to my mental thought and breath. This inner journey is a celebration of all that I live for, with joy and spontaneity, celebrating freedom of flight and travel. Truly blessed!

And so with the crowning of a New Year, I want to springboard in to the unknown with a feeling of lightness and letting go. Turning the page so to speak, releasing any unhealthy fears, sadness, disappointments, resentments or whatever else I don’t want to carry forward. No resolutions specifically. I don’t have a game plan. I just want to live in the moment, enjoying the time I have on this planet with joyous abandon. January 1: just another day. But a whole new opportunity to be present with who I am, loving me without the need or desire for subliminal societal change that often comes with the new year resolution psychobabble.

On that note, here’s wishing you all a year of self-love that manifests itself into peace, both within and without.

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